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Review by avtgshanon on 2009-04-20
Anyone who looks at her website and looks at her breeding stock will see the inferiority in her animals, not to mention a responsible weim breeder will not sell pups to anyone and everyone because these dogs have special needs and are not for everyone i.e. they require a family atmosphere with human interaction, they must be around people not chained or kenneled in the yard all the time. Do your research before you buy know what to look for when looking at the parents etc, real breeders breed for the betterment of the breed not for the mass production of bodies to make the almighty dollar!
Company Response on 03/05/2011:
I think it's so sad that people for some reason feel such a need to lie. And not have the guts to put your real name. Plus to say that a responsible breeder will not sell puppies to anyone. Weims have special needs and are not for everyone. ALL DOGS HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS not just weims. NO DOG should be chained period!!! BUT lets be honest I can say NO selling some people a dog (I DID NOT SELL YOU ONE). Well I can honestly say check out the reference list and talk to those people yourself. Talk to our vet and the people in his office. I know what I'm doing and it's so sad that life is what you make it and in making yours you lost it all. I still pray every day that you get better.
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Posted by officerj on 2009-08-29:
I agree, we visited this puppy farm last year to look at a Weimaraner puppy. The breeding dogs looked like they had been bred to death, they were barking jumping up and down on the gates of the pens where they lived, boxed in by fence a concrete slab and a wooden dog house, the noise was unbareable. I wanted to let them out and take them away from this place, we felt so sorry for those poor dogs. We pulled up to a mobil home and walked to what looked like a garage area where the puppies were held. We felt like we were at a puppy breeding farm and as long as we had the money we could leave with a puppy, our bad vibes kept us from buying. We could not bring ourselfs to contribute to this so called puppy farm, and desided to purchase from a reputable kennel. Almost seems like from reading a few of these reviews this place may of had a friend, or maybe they are logging in and writting some of these to try and smooth things over, good try.

Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-29:
Hahaha! $1200 for a "labradoodle"! Sometimes you wonder what people are thinking ...

Posted by officerj on 2009-08-30:
A good breeder would never let the public into the kennels and area where the puppies are raised. This is a No No, diseases can be transferd through people contact. This girl says she does not have staff, seems like she should consider seeking someone to help her. From looking at her website she has several breeds, there in no way she could properly care for all those dogs and puppies by herself. I did read on one site where she does not have a business license, wonder what makes her think someone would give her $1200.00 for a puppy when you could purchase from a reputable kennel business for less money.

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