Airport Marina Honda Complaint - Highly Preposterous - Auto Service

Review by Vishu on 2009-04-20
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I moved and since Airport Marina Honda was close to my new work place, I started there at 42k miles. All the three times I have been there, I have gone back for a re-fix. The first time it was oil change but no tire rotation, in spite of being charged for both.

Second time, it was a major recommended service, when the power steering fluid was replaced. Within 10 days, I saw the coolant level below the "MIN" mark. On the phone, these crooks said the coolant can evaporate in 10 days and that I could have a leaky cap or a broken pump or a radiator leak...they would run a diagnosis on the radiator ($98), and most of the time replacing the cap would work ($15). Common-sense told me to refill the coolant myself and for the last 8 months or more it has not "evaporated".

One day my brake lights were not turning on, a good Samaritan cab-driver warned me. As it was a matter of emergency, went to get it fixed at Airport Marina Honda. They said the front brake pads look bad, but the back were good another 15k miles. The agent doing the initial visual fluids inspection said the power steering fluid has to be changed. I told him it was done last time, to which he said - 'oh, then it is not required'. On asking, he said the oil color can change when warm and be different once put into the car. Later, a friend of mine looked and said it was fine. I was convinced and charged for resurfacing the brake discs as it is a regular maintenance procedure of Honda. However, Ford Motors opine disc resurfacing should not be done unless the disc is warped or there is too much misalignment.

Within three months, I could feel a wobble only on braking. Over the phone, these guys verified the service record and said it is the back brakes that are worn out. When it was time for a next oil change, and this time went to Honda of Pasadena, who said front pads were fine, it was the front brake discs and nothing to do with the back brakes. On calling back Airport Marina Honda, they said the discs could be bad and needs replacing if already resurfaced once. He said there is no diagnosis for that and that I might be breaking very hard or that someone else is driving the car. (Ah ha, the honest-crook who takes my car out at night and brings it back faithfully the next morning). They did not mention of the 12 month/12k mile warranty, so I specifically asked for it as it was only 6 months and within 6k miles.

I complained to Honda Motor Customer care, waited a month, to hear back from either the dealer or customer care. Fearing no response, I went to the Airport Marina Honda. I cannot quote all the lies they said, the funniest of which is - brake drums/ discs needs to be replaced every 15,000 miles on some cars and that my breaking habit was bad and there was clear indication of it. He said resurfacing will cost me $98 and replacing the discs will be around quite a sum and but not recommended. All this was contradictory to what was said on the phone. I offered to pay something and but not $98. I insisted to speak to the service manager, he lied saying that the manager is not in the office. We had an argument, finally he said he will resurface the discs for free as goodwill.

All the fluid related matters were minor issues and were not detrimental to the car and I am careful about checking them regularly. But, the brakes triggered me off. I now realize, nobody has anything good to say about them and they have only bad reviews everywhere. At no time they have been apologetic for their accidental mistakes and always tried to find fault with me.

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