Grace Institute Complaint - Beware Of This Trade School!

Review by cosmofairy4 on 2009-04-21
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Ok, my mom thought it would be a good idea to go to a trade school, for business...big mistake! One: this school isn't even a real trade school!!! Not even credited!!!! Two: they promise jobs at this rinky dink job fair that they hold before graduation.....come to find out...half the companies at the job fair not hiring! Three: the teachers are of no help. Rude, and unhelpful as can be! One English teacher, fail the ones she don't like me included..and pass the ones that kiss up to her. Another teacher is sarcastic, and full of himself. He says things to make the class feel stupid, with his "I am so smarter than the rest of you" remarks. The school took my 300.00 dollars and I busted my butt trying to pass, I pass all my classes except one, the English class, and she never told me my failing grade. This joke of a school tells you you must still look for a job keep in contact with us, and go to our job fairs. For what may I ask? You lied from the beginning!!! Also beware of the computer teacher the shady janitors, who steal USB cables! One had ugly dreads, the other a Spanish guy always eying the women! Oh and this is a all female school.

To make you feel even worse, if you go to graduation, you will be going for nothing. Like me I went, unbeknown to me I failed a class. Only three weeks later did a letter come in the mail stating I failed. Beware of this school, do not go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-04-21:
If things are really as you say and you have the evidence to prove it, I suggest suing them in small claims court for a refund.
Posted by Gail on 2013-06-28:
I am sorry that you had a bad experience. However, when you are going to work in the business world, it is imperative that you be on top of your game in grammar, spelling, sentence structure. After reading your comment, it is understandable that you failed English. My suggestion to you is to find a remedial English class...possibly at a night school for potential GED students to learn the basics. Perhaps you were not offered employment because people write as they speak and vise versa. Employers want employees that will make them look good. Most of the time, the person you are working for isn't as intelligent as you are, but they look for employees that will cover for them. Trust me, I have been those positions numerous times. Did I get the credit? No! What I did get was first and foremost a pay check and benefits and secondly, a foot in the door and the opportunity to gain experience and the possibility for promotions. I was not trying to insult you, just give you some good solid experience advice. I wish you the best.

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