Epson Printers Complaint - Epson Artisan 700 Printer - Let Down

Review by Upset Epson Ex-Client on 2009-04-25
I am taking these few minutes to write this review to "warn" everyone not to purchase this printer unless you have a "LOT" of money to purchase its never ending demand for new "ink".

We previously had a Lexmark X75 (several years old) and thought this unit used ink ($80+ dollars, every 2 to 3 months) and was "always" told the Lexmark was a unit know for poor print yield......

Hence, the hunt for a new printer - each time we told the story on the need for better "ink yield" and the requirement for wireless.....the stores solution - the EPSON Artisan 700 Printer...the newest, lastest a greatest - all the bells and whistles.....NNNNNNOT!

Since January of this year we have purchases over $345.00 in ink - EVERY 4 to 6 weeks it freak'n needs ink and we are using the unit "LESS" than the previous Lexmark....using the quick draft print function....printing a work - emailing rather than printing....in fact the printing is now down to the single student in the house and the other three adults (who did utilize the previous printer on a "regular" basis) have stopped using the Artisan in order to eliminate prints and lessen the ink costs!!!

We are now looking at another printer (power format) to utilize and keep the Artisan for the scanner and possibly as a photo printer - but I am concerned about the cost using it for this when I have an HP Photo printer that is a proven work horse.....

If you every heed a product review, please heed this one - you will be saving a TON of money and you might be able to take the family out once and a while for a family dinner.

The makers of this printer should be required to take these back...the claimed print yield is NOW WHERE NEAR what they publish - if I could get half of their claim, I would be happy (well maybe a bit pieved....).

Save your funds - DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER - put your kid through College or University instead.......

DO NOT SAY, I did not warn you ...... I will give this to the printer - the quality of the print is there....but the cost of this is too high....

Sorry Epson, you really missed the mark on this one and should hang your head in shame...units like these will cause the Government to establish "ink yield" standards....

SAVE YOUR FUNDS - get something else.....trust me!!!
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Posted by spiderman47 on 2009-05-02:
if you notice that when the manufactuers make the ink
cartridges, it's the same principal when you buy certain
types of foods some may go by volume & weight & price
equations, when you buy a 99 cents bag of potato chips
you don't see a lot except for half a bag because the
vendors in this case will charge you by the volume of
weight for the price, & so it's about the same with the
ink cartriges.
Posted by Upset Epson Ex-Client on 2009-05-06:
I respect your position - however, we are not talking about a 99 cent ink cartridge - i fwe were I would not be complaining. The company (Epson) posts a 500 page yield - we are not getting anything close to 50 to 60 pages. I am fully aware that the posted yield is based on a percentage of coverage, etc....

The problem Epxon Artisan 700 is a "printer money pit" - and that is why I posted my comments - hoping to warn others not to go down the path our family did - there a other printers that have just as good print and higher ink yield....I was mislead in regards to the Epson by both their website and the representative that sold me the unit....

This is "my3cents.....".....

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