Bud Shell (a.k.a. Dud Sell) Ford Complaint - Buy From A Bud Shell Dealership And Be Sued!!

Review by IcyFire on 2004-04-08
KENNETT, MISSOURI -- Bud Shell Ford of Kennett, Mo knowingly sold my husband a horrible car. Thanks to a $10,000.00 bank loan (which we will be paying on for years to come)they were paid in full by cash, a total of over $9000.00. We were assured by the sellsman that it had never been wrecked & was a "good car". It began giving us problems upon the 1ST DAY and has costs us well over an additional $1000 replacing parts. On the 3rd day of ownership we had already had two different problems with the car, and my husband called the salesman to say that we wanted our money back. -This was during time alotted for the lemon law-The salesman stated that would be "jumping the gun" and again assured us that Bud Shell would fix ALL the problems with the car. Next problem was less than a week later, and it was the transmission - this is when they started backing off from their promise. They had the car over a week, charged us $100 for "fixing" it, and refused to supply us with a loaner or even a rental. While driving it back home we noticed the noises and jerking were still present. I called them when we got home and spoke with Ray Young, who identified himself as the store manager, to let them know that the car still was NOT fixed and we were getting tired of the treatment we were recieving. I demanded that the car be completely fixed or for them to give us our full refund immediately. Ray told me that since we've had the car "for so long", the best he could do was to fix the car and give us a discount on the work that needed to be done by waiving the labor fees. I asked what the price would be and he said that he would need to ask one of their mechanic's and would call me back in about 15 minutes with an estimate. Not even a full minute had past when my phone rang. Instead of Ray, it was Larry Ellison, who told me he was the store's owner (which he isnt). He was very rude and told me that he was NOT going to allow the car to be refunded, would not allow the car to be fixed without us incurring the total fees and was not going to waive any of the labor fees. He then told me that if I wanted the car fixed then we needed to take it to a repair shop instead of bringing it back to them. I told him the car should have been fixed before they sold it to us , he responded to this by simply hanging up! I then decided to look up the price of the car on Kelly Blue Book. Due to its condiction (fair),the price that the car's value was listed as was only $3310.00! This is the amount that a dealership's price should have been on the car, not a privately sold car!
We have had at least 10 problems with the car thus far. After the transmission they refused to fix anything else. One of the problems was some type of wire, the mechanic we had to hire to replace this let us keep the old wire, and pointed out that it's mangled up beyond repair. Apparently Bud Shell didnt care enough to replace it, so they wrapped it from top to bottom in BLACK TAPE! I emailed them a total of 3 times over the course of late October through late November asking & then demanding they take the LEMON car back & return our money promptly to us. They completely ignored my emails. Upon the 3rd email, I sent a list of all the debts the car has costs us thus far, it exceeded $11,000. I demanded that we recieve a check in the total amount and for the car to be off out property by the end of the week. This is when Larry Ellison decided to show some concern, he called my husband- not ME, and told him that I have been sending emails about the car that they have printed out and stored, that they were NOT going to do anymore work on it, and if I email/call about it again they will SUE me!!
On April 5th, Larry Ellison again called my home and spoke with my husband instead of me. He stated that he has found another complaint I filed on them and again threatened that he was going to sue me. My husband did not tell me who it was until their conversation had ended, but I was on the other side of the room during their conversation and could clearly hear what Larry was saying because he was yelling so loudly at my husband.
I will continue to file reports on our experience because I know Larry is simply trying to scare me off from letting the truth be known, and it isnt going to work.
The last time I spoke with a rep from the BBB, he told me that he had called Ray Young, and Ray told him that they offered us our choice of another car from their lot - That is also a LIE!! Thanks to Bud Shell's greed and deciet, we are in debt and stressed out to the max. We've just lost our second child and havent even been able to pay any of the funeral bill because of this car! They should NOT get away with this, and we need every penny of our money back a.s.a.p.. Because they denied us a refund during the alotted time, by lying to us no less, I feel they should have to give us the refund plus all other expenses that continue to derive from the car they pawned off on us. At this very moment there are problems with the car which we cant even afford to have looked at. DO NOT LET THEM RIP YOU OFF TOO!!
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Posted by Laurachitchat on 2004-04-09:
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-09:
The BBB is not the best source for satisfaction in this matter, try the state's attorney general and the motor vehicle administration, they get much better results. Unfortunatley I have to tell you though there is no such thing as a lemon law for used vehicles. As far as book value goes, it is totally irrelevant in this matter. It is a shame that this dealer is responding in the manner in which you described because I know they have potentially lost future business that probably could have been avoided. Good Luck
Posted by IcyFire on 2004-04-10:
Thank you for the advice, DealerDirect. This company will not take advantage of me or any one I come in contact with since they have decided to treat me & my family in the manner that they are. And Laura, you are the one person I would actaully promote this company to. Please... go to them & buy a car a.s.a.p.(assuming you dont work for them that is)!
Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-04-12:
Sorry to hear about ya'll getting the shaft!
So, you having a boy or a girl? I'll keep ya in my prayers...you mentioned troubles before
Posted by shadowkillr32 on 2004-04-30:
You can get sued. Wether they win is another story. In your case, you ought to sue them for the costs and stuff on your car. Too bad about the kid
Posted by IcyFire on 2004-05-15:
Dvs - thank you for your prayers; I dont know if I'll be having a boy or girl yet but I will keep you posted. Shadow- we can not sue them over the car because they claim my father in law decided against taking out a warranty and signed papers stating that he did not want a warranty. When we asked him about this, he says that they never even offered him any type of warranty and does not remember signing papers about a warranty. Given their gift of lying, I believe that they do not have such papers; my question is how do I find out? And as for them sueing me, if this were completely true I'm sure they would have tried months ago instead of just trying to scare me into silence. They are threatening to sue over slander - slander is when someone says something about you that isnt true. What Im guilty of is simply informing the public of what we've endured by becoming their customer, they know as well as I do that everything Ive said is the truth. They were completely aware of the car's malfunctions, which is why they did Not offer a warrenty, stand by their promise of fixing any problems, give us a refund, or admit they did wrong; that is why they have opted to use to scare tactics.

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