The GM Card Complaint - Don't Use Them!! - Agreements Not Held Up, Promises Not Fulfilled

Review by donie on 2009-04-29
CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- I have been a member of the GM CARD for about 15 years. I lost my health an ended up on SSD. I called them on Friday a few months back. We came to an agreement that I would make payment of $320.00 a month close the card and no more interest would be added on to my debt. One detail I ask the representative rom there firm if I could make this official the following Monday after I discussed it with my wife. SO ON THE FOLLOWING MONDAY I CALLED THEM AND THEY SAID THEY WOULD NOT HONOR THE AGREEMENT WE MADE THE PREVIOUS FRIDAY. So until this is resolved I'm going to file this with small claims court, and notify the local newspaper and ask that they cover this grievance in there newspaper. I SINCERELY ASK ANYONE WHO NOW CARRIES A GM CARD IS TO CLOSE IT AND ASK THEIR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME.

Thank you for listening to my complaint, warn your friends about them, and the practice of deception and dishonesty.

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-04-29:
If you do not have the agreement they made to you on Friday in writing or a phone recording of both you and them actually agreeing to said terms you will lose a small claims case.

I question why they would agree to cease charging interest. That does not make sense.

In this day all credit card companies are into deception and questionable tactics. What they are doing is not illegal. You agreed to their terms and granted them the ability to change any of those terms at any time for any reason. You may rest assured any changes will be to their benefit, not yours. Their primary goal is to have you pay them.
Posted by saj80 on 2009-04-29:
In order to have a court case, you must show damages. How has GM damaged you? It appears that GM is damaged, since you owe them money. As tnchuck stated, you are wasting your time with a small claims case. You also stated you made an agreement, and then tried adding some covenants after this was accepted. If you made an agreement, then stick to it, and simply explain to your wife this was the best option you have at this time. Did you not discuss this with your wife before contacting GM?
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-04-29:
Agree with the others. You can't sue them because they won't alter your signed agreement for you. You can talk to a credit counseling agency who can get an interest reduction for you, but I also had a hard time understanding how you were offered no interest forward at all. That just doesn't happen these days.

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