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Review by kent on 2004-04-11
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- We have a 2001 Grand AM Pontiac, this car has been in the shop 5 time for the same problem. The problem is, everytime it rain the rain runs down the door to the inside of the car rear floor. We have spoken with the General Manager and the Service Manager and nothing has been done right. This pontiac was put in the shop for repairs on 9 Feb. 2004, 24 Feb 2004, 23 March 2004, 2 April 2004 and 7 April 2004 and it is going back on 12 April 2004 for the 6th time and the same leak.

Each time we have put this car in the shop they quarantee us that it is fixed and that the water will not get in, that was 5 lies, we am sick of this car and we feel it should be replaced. It is going back to the dealership again tomorrow 12 April for the 6th time and we are not going to leave with this Car. The service department has failed in their efforts to repair our vehicle. This is a car that can not get wet on the outside without the inside getting soaked. The main reason for this complaint and what has really upset me is a statement that was made when I was speaking with the service person was, "Tell her to bring in the car, she will not know if we fixed it or not", that has really irritated me.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-12:
Question1 Have you owned the car since new? 2 Does this dealership have a body shop? Has the car to your knowledge ever been in an accident? For further help in this matter I have to know these questions.
Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-04-12:
Check to see if your state has a "lemon law," and then pursue that if the dealership can't/won't help fix this. Here in Michigan, if you've had a car in the shop 3 times for the same problems, we have a lemon law which allows people to get a new car. If not, then follow dealerdirect's advice, he knows what he's talking about! Good luck!
Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-04-12:
if this is a used car, you may be out of luck due to the fact that lemon laws apply mostly to new cars! Best of luck!
Posted by gman3fan on 2004-04-12:
Without defending anyone... Water and Wind problems CAN be difficult to diagnose. Just stay calm and keep taking it back until it's fixed. DD asked a good question... HAs it ever been wrecked or damaged? Did you buy it new? If not... Lemon law definitly dont apply here.
Posted by GT on 2004-04-21:
I also have a Pontiac Grand Am GT - 2000. Since my purchase, this vehicle has been nothing but a headache for us. I bought it used (I now know this was a mistake) and just days after the purchase, I had to return the vehicle for faulty breaks - constant squealing. I was told I needed new tires after they "claimed" they fixed the breaks. Days after that, the power steering went out - they repaired that. Then the car was stolen, they took all the tires and rims and left the car on it's belly. I had to get another gas line because of it. Then the breaks went out again. After that, the car cut off TWICE - on the freeway - had to have it towed off the freeway to the dealership. NOW, I've contacted the dealer about the oil leaving my car, but it's not leaking out on the ground. The dealer changed the oil and told me to bring it back in 1,000 miles for them to check the oil level - I did and it required three quarts of oil. I've been told there is a problem - what, they are unsure. If they don't know - who does? The car would not start on Monday - 4/19/04 - it stayed on the Cobo Roof until 11:30pm when it finally, after three attempts, started. I've been told the problem is NOT electrical, but rather the oil is leaking into the coolant - which causes the engine to die - what is GM doing about this and who can I contact?

Fed Up In Detroit, Michigan!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-22:
GT check the response under your complaint!!!
Posted by Mistmaiden on 2004-08-10:
I have a 2001 Gran Am and from day one, I've had this same problem. After a heavy rain my floor boards have standing water. After several attempts with the dealer trying to repair this, the are now trying to say someone is playing a trick on me, ha...I have an alarm system and why on God's green earth would anyone try to put water in my car in a thunderstorm. They also stated the water was due to a spill. No one sits in my back see. I am so angry and feel I've been jipped out of having the nice feeling of owning a new car. I've contated a lawyer and am starting proceedings to sue GM

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