Homewood Suites by Hilton Complaint - Homewood Suites San Antonio, TX - rude treatment by hotel manager

Review by Anonymous on 2004-04-11
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I write to you to let you know about a problem that we had with the manager of your Homewood Suites San Antonio-Northwest hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

My wife made an online reservation to stay at the hotel from the 4th to the 8th of February of this year. However, due to last minute complications, we had to cancel our trip to San Antonio and my wife, not being able to cancel the reservation by Internet, called the hotel the same day we were to arrive, around 5:00 p.m. but was left on hold by the operator and she hung up thinking she would call again later. The truth is, she forgot to call again and it wasn’t until the next day that she was able to call the hotel.

The person that answered attended her kindly but said that since she did not cancel before 6:00pm February 4th, she would have to speak to the manager to cancel any charges made to the credit card.

Immediately they passed my wife to the manager of the hotel, Mr. Michael Berryman, who after listening to her explanation, asked how it was possible for her to call and ask for her credit card charge to be cancelled if the hotel, as a result, was affected by the fact that they had charged us only the Internet rate which was less than the rate they could have charged to guests they had to send back home for having blocked the room reserved for us.

My wife kindly told him that we were frequent guests and that we had years going to San Antonio and staying at the Homewood Suites and never had problems. Mr. Berryman responded to my wife in a very rude way saying that this experience will be as a lesson learned in order to prevent the inconvenience for both sides in the future and that even if we were the hotel’s best client he would not make any exceptions to a problem he considered ours only and that the conversation was making him waste his time and decisively he said good-bye and hung up.

After that, my wife still, without being able to understand the manager’s attitude, told me about the argument. I called the hotel immediately to speak to him and complain about his attitude towards my wife and he claimed there was neither rudeness nor disrespect from his part whatsoever. I said my wife had told me everything in detail, and he absurdly answered that I could not be completely sure about it since I was not on the line or listening. I told him his comment was out of place and that I had no reason to doubt my wife’s word and that the problem was not about the reservations but his attitude, which was not at all pleasant. I then told him that he had had no respect for my wife and asked for his complete name in order to present a complaint and he immediately hung up on me.

I called the hotel again and asked to speak to him but he no longer answered. I called again to speak with the operator who kindly gave me the manager’s name.

My wife had all the right to speak with the manager, explain her arguments and convince him to cancel the charge. I understand that the manager had the right to accept or to reject said arguments, nevertheless, it does not give him the right to speak to my wife in a disrespectful way and to tell her that ‘how dare she ask for the cancellation of the charge when they had lost the differential against the rate that the hotel could have charged if they had not kept our reservations’ and to hung up on me without providing his name to me when I called to complain about the way he treated my wife. After that incident, we decided not to stay at the Homewood Suites despite being frequent guests for many years.

For our past Easter vacations we have stayed at the Staybridge Hotel which is across the street from the Homewood Suites, but after giving it some thought, we came to the conclusion that it is not fair for us nor the hotel that for the behavior of just one individual –who not even is the owner— we no longer stay at the hotel we like the most and make the hotel lose not only one guest who stays there several times a year, every year, but other families who come with us to enjoy their vacations, as it happened just last December (we stayed for ten days) when we also made reservations for the Cantu family who was in room 131 next to ours.

For all the foregoing, we decided to put this in writing in hope that someone would listen and somehow address the problem to prevent other guests to be treated in such a way by a manager who was simply not in the mood.


Monterrey, Mexico
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Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-04-12:
You did not follow the cancellation policy and thus are not entitled to a refund. Had your wife stayed on the line rather than being in so much of a hurry and hanging up before reaching a hotel representative, you would not be in this predicament. You cannot blame others for your haste and poor decision making.
Posted by shadowkillr32 on 2004-04-12:
You cancelled the day of at late in the day. They blocked that room from reservations. You should not get a refund.
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2004-04-13:
You do not deserve a refund. You didn't even call and try to cancel the first time until around the end of check-in time. Most (99.9%) of places require at least 24 hours of notice.

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