Jubilee Home Solutions Complaint - Jubilee Home Solutions Overcharged And Over Promised Customer

Review by Jubilee scam business victim on 2009-04-29
DOLLAS, TEXAS -- In March 2006, we contracted with Jubilee Home Solutions to remodel our shower. It turned out to be an unpleasant experience. We were surprised by the poor management of Jubilee Home Solutions and outrageous charge.

On Jan 18, 2006, a Salesman from Jubilee Home Solutions came to our house to give us an estimate. The quote he gave us is $7000 for a basic modeling of the bathroom. The work only includes removing the old tiles and replacing with drywall and installing a new shower and a bathroom fan.

One of the selling points that [snip] made was all the old tile would be removed as well as the sheet rock. According to him, Jubilee installation crew would remove any mold that had built up due to the water damage.

[snip] also quoted us $500 for replacing the bathroom fan. According to him, Jubilee would replace our old fan with a high-quality fan and the replacement process would involve a lot of physical work, such as climbing into the attic to connect the fan with the outside vent.

Believing his promise, my wife and I signed the agreement with Jubilee (contract number KCIB17108). According to [snip] if there were any problems with the job Jubilee would correct them quickly.

On Feb 12, 2006, an installation crew from Jubilee came to our house to remodel the bathroom. Surprisingly, we found out that the installation crew did not remove the entire tile, as promised by the salesman. When I asked the workers, they said they did not have enough sheet rock to replace all of the old tile and sheet rock. They simple cut out the bottom part, where the water damage was the most noticeable. This is not what the salesman promised us.

There is also a soft spot on the edge of the new shower which was damaged by the old shower leaking. It was not until two days later when I noticed this spot. I realize this would have required additional work on the part of the installers since it would have meant installing a support to the next stud and then putting on the sheet rock. For the prices they charge this work should have been done.

The installation crew replaced our old bathroom fan with a builder's grade fan that was very cheap and noisy. The whole process of replacing the fan took no more then 10 minutes. The existing fan was already vented to the outside.

They also used the cheapest material to do the work. Right now the cheap material they put on show a lot of dirty spots and we don’t know how to clean them off. The glass shower door is difficult to close. And some water damage began to show on the upper top of the shower since the old tile was not removed.

We felt we were over promised and over charged by Jubilee salesman. We are also surprised to find out the service from Jubilee is so disappointing. Later, we were informed by a local plumber that we were overcharged for the work that was done by at least $5,000 and that he has personally had to clean up Jubilee's messes in other homes.

Until this day, we feel so regretful about doing business with Jubilee home solutions. We hope our story will help prevent other customers from becoming victim this company’s scam business.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-04-29:
If possible, I recommend suing them in small claims court for poor workmanship and failure to perform service under contract. With the money you recover, you can hire someone to do the job right.
Posted by S. on 2009-04-29:
Soaring Consumer, have you ever come up with another solution to a problem outside of 'suing...in small claims court?' I realize when all avenues are exhausted, this sometimes may be the only path to take. But, c'mon~~~~
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-04-29:
I don’t know if this company has franchised dealers or what Home Depot has to do with it. I looked up Jubilee Home Solutions and what I discovered and a bit of information will follow. Try calling the number and perhaps you can get some assistance there. Thanks for the warning for others.

As of November 14, 2006, Jubilee Home Solutions was acquired by The Home Depot, Inc. Jubilee Home Solutions provides bathroom and kitchen remodeling services. Its solutions include bathroom transformations, granite showers/baths, walk-in tubs with a door, whirlpools, tub-to-shower conversions, granite countertops for kitchen or bath, designed kitchens, and kitchen cabinetry. The company is based in Kansas City, Missouri.

3101 Roanoke Road

Kansas City, MO 64111

United States

Phone: 816-876-2284

Posted by Jubilee scam business victim on 2009-04-30:
Jubilee sold their business in Kansas City to Home Depot, and opened another one in Dallas TX.

Be careful, Dallas homeowners!

Jubilee Home Solutions
(972) 247-5474
(972) 247-5475
11522 Grissom LN
Dallas, TX 75229-2353

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