McCombs Ford West Complaint - Deceptive Practices Lies Lies Lies

Review by jer0053 on 2009-04-29
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I'm not very happy with my experience at Mccombs Ford west dealership. One of there sales consultants Dan Boyd emailed me a drive out the door price $10,978 for a 2008 Ford ranger vista blue regular cab with gap insurance and all fees included. So I thought we had a deal .When I got down there after driving 10 hours from Wichita Kansas to purchase this truck he pulls the old bait and switch trick on me lying to me and saying he didn't realize it had a bedliner and tint on the ranger and adds $ 800 to the price of the truck. I find out later all your trucks have bedliners and tint on them. Bedliners $199.99 and tints $199.99 so whats the extra $400 for ? Then he spots me a loan at 6.34 percent for 60 month through Chase and Morgan lies to the lien holder saying I would put 3000 dollars down when I told him no money was going to be put down.

It was suppose to be $230 month for 60 months gap included .When I got in to financing department with [snip] he was trying to lie and make the Ford warranty sound worthless so I would buy an extended warranty and bumped the monthly charge 3 or 4 dollars more a month which adds another 200 dollars to the loan over the duration of the loan. I took delivery of the truck on Thursday March 12th .I was then called back the next night [snip] telling me the lien holder fell through and I need to come back in. I was furious and ending up returning the truck on March 13th not without 3 or 4 closers in the same room trying to change my mind including Thad. Everyone except Dan Boyd even though he was there at the dealership that night. So I went to [another dealership] to look at an 2009 ranger on the March 14th which the sales man there walked me through the truck telling me about the features which Dan Boyd never did which make a big difference with me.

It turned to $3000 more so ended up purchasing the 2008 ranger from Mccombs Ford. Signed a second contract which was dated for 3/15/09 even though it was the 14th when your suppose to be closed .Paid, took delivery of the vehicle once again. Drove back to Kansas then the harassment starts [snip] contacts me saying I over paid and the difference of $ 794 will be refunded, he wants me to sign a new contract where all the taxes are left out and wants me to sign a Texas tax exempt form which I refuse to do I actually had a dealer friend of mine look over the contract for me and he told me not to sign it.

[snip] lies to me telling me the checked hasn't cleared yet which I contact them and find out it has. Then [snip] sends me a forth contract where additional $200 is added into the license fees and he also asks for a check of $156 claiming he got my property tax at a lower rate which I know its going to be 270 dollars. They issued me a Texas buyer tag which ran out. I couldn't drive my new truck for like 3 days because they screwed up the tax and title work and had to issue me a 30 day tag.29 days form March 12th I finally got my truck registered.

They end up paying my property tax of 270 dollars only after my attorney was involved and I refused to sign the Texas tax exempt form. If you want a lot of stress and headaches go there if you want a great experience I go else where .

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