Seattle Direct Coffee Complaint - Screwed by Seattle Direct Coffee

Review by screwed by seattle direct on 2009-04-30
EVANSTON, ILLINOIS -- This company is a complete scam and if you value your bank account stay away it.

My wife thought she was getting a deal of two travel mugs, two regular mugs and two bags of coffee for $5.OO. The language on that offer is convoluted and it actually said 5 for $5 each. The customer is left to figure out the cost, which is $25 and total amount is not mentioned at all by Seattle Coffee Direct. But that was the least of our problems because when you sign for that offer you are automatically enrolled into their rip off of a coffee club.

The moment you become enrolled in that club they begin shipping out coffee fast and furious. In a period of ten days we were billed for four shipments of coffee at an outrageous price of $38.95 each time even though according to their own terms and conditions shipments are supposed to be sent bimonthly. Those terms and conditions are posted on a different page from their original 5 for $5 each offer. In that period we were charged over $180 dollars including the original purchase which started this nightmare. If we kept our membership the yearly cost would have been over $5600 at the rate they were shipping coffee.

After this unfortunate incident I researched Seattle Direct Coffee and discovered they have a pattern of his type of unethical behavior. Ripping people off is central to their business strategy so avoid this company like the plague and disregard anything its representatives say because they are con men trying to separate you from your hard earned money.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-30:
that's a lot of money for crappy coffee...

Good Luck!
Posted by Snakeplisken on 2009-04-30:
Buy local, pay cash and this will never happen to you.
Posted by S. on 2009-04-30:
Doesn't matter *where* terms and conditions are posted--you just didn't bother to read them. That's on you. Every one of these 'deals' has a kicker somewhere that says you've agreed to accept subsequent shipments unless you cancel within a certain period of time. I've never used Seattle Direct coffee because I'm addicted to Gevalia. Don't know how large your shipment was that cost $38.95, but I pay $35.75 for four 1/2 lb. boxes. Had to put the automatic shipments on hold for a while because my family/friends some time feel 'what do you buy for a person who has everything' and they load me up with coffee. Why not a bottle of Belvedere or Jose Gold? Noooo---coffee is cheaper! :)

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