Jackie's Clean Sweep, Hudson, NH Complaint - Bad Service, Brazen and Insulting Owner

Review by Tashadan on 2009-05-03
HUDSON, LOUISIANA -- When I was looking for a cleaning service, the owner of Jackie's Clean Sweep came over for a quote and said she could meet what I paid my last cleaners.

When I tried to set up an appointment for a first cleaning (which is 50% more expensive than a normal one and should, in their own words, last 4 to 8 times as long as a normal cleaning) they could not accommodate my wishes for a date, so I changed my schedule to make it possible.

They didn't show up.

Calls only got me the answering machine.
Finally I got through to them and they told me they had booked me on a different day, since that is when they are in my neighborhood. I would have been out of the country by then.

They found somebody that they sent over that same day.

The two ladies "thoroughly cleaned" my 2500 sq ft house in 2 hours, leaving out baseboards, corners, desks and other items I usually got cleaned even in a "normal" cleaning. I tried to reach the owners again. No answer. No check

Later they called me, when I asked them how to proceed they told me they had to call me back. They never did.

Since I went on a trip, I mailed them a check anyway, paying in full for a normal cleaning only deducting a coupon for first time customers that they had mailed me previously.

Only hours after my return from the trip I get a phone call from the owner, not thanking me for the check, but telling me I had to send a second check in the amount of the "thorough first cleaning" agreement. I told her I didn't get that service and asked her to come over and have a look at the cobwebs and dust bunnies. She refused.

Instead she called me dishonest, an exploiter and outrageously accused me of having employed illegals who I worked for ten hours without payment. Which, it goes without saying, is completely unfounded and an insultingly wrongful accusation.

I do not want them anywhere near my house ever again, but got myself bullied into a new appointment, in which they claim they will come over and patch up the work they didn't do last time. They refused to give me a complete new cleaning that would meet their own description of the service they insist I pay for.

In one of their online appearances they claim that if you are not content, the cleaning would be free. In their written quote it says if they ever miss an appointment, they would come back and clean for free. I was stupid enough not only not to insist on them keeping their word, but instead paying them in full. Yet I get called a dishonest exploiter. So far, I've paid them 25 Dollars an hour for sketchy service. If I paid them the additional amount I would end up with an hourly charge per person of 47 Dollars! She even told me the coupon she sent me didn't apply to me after all since I was not a "real" customer.

If you don't want a bad service AND have accusations, insults and outrageous brazenness hurled at you to top it off, don't go with Jackie's Clean Sweep!

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