cbs Complaint - Super Bowl 2004 Horrible and Disgusting

Review by mjholly on 2004-04-13
HAMILTON, OHIO -- I was disappointed in the 2004 Super Bowl. There was that ugly half time performance where Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's bare breast in front of millions of disgusted men, women, and children. What message did that teach our boys? That it is ok to sexually harass women and rape them? Also, Nelly grabbed his crotch in front of those same disgusted people. In addition, we have CBS's unfair decision to not run the MoveOn ads during the Super Bowl. Yet, they ran pro-Bush Republican ads. Also, some Super Bowl ads were disgusting. There was a Dodge ad in which a monkey looked like he was raping a young woman when he jumped on her and another ad (I think it was from Budweiser) when a horse farted in a woman's face. Those ads are very degrading, insulting, and disrespectful to women.
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Posted by firethorne2k on 2004-04-13:
welcome to february
Posted by SF on 2004-04-13:
Was that this year. That was so long ago I forgot. The horse was cool though.
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-04-13:
I don't think that a message of sexual harrassment or rape was sent by the Jackson/ Timberlake show. Janet and her mammy were queued and ready for that from the start. Although not personally offended, I do believe their publicity stunt, which now has the FCC baring (no pun intended) down on TV and radio shows, was way out of line. Timberlake and Jackson should be fined aggresively to send a message for those who want to disregard proper behavior on live TV. Honestly, CBS never saw it coming and can not be blamed. I did laugh at the horse ad though.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-04-14:
Democrats...Ugh. Does it seem strange to anyone else that an obvious democrat is pro-censorship?
Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-04-14:
Yeah, pro-censorship, but for FREE SPEECH! go fig! typical democrat....always playing both sides of the fence!
Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-04-14:
That is OLD NEWS by now. Everyone else is over it already. Why aren't you?
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-04-14:
The only complaint I had is that Janet's nipple was covered.
Posted by Jeanette on 2004-04-15:
You waited until NOW to complain? The Superbowl was months ago!
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-04-19:
Wow. The Boob Heard 'Round The World has an echo
Posted by D. on 2004-06-03:
And don't forget those horrible CitiCard commercials! You have grown men with women's voices talking about buying skimpy undies and getting fingernails done! It makes everyone think it is ok to be TrailorTrash! You should be outraged! This is telling everyone that they should go out and take people's credit cards! It promotes Transexuals and cross dressers! It is telling our young infants when they grow up and are not happy with who they are, they can take on someone elses idenity! ....YEAH... RIGHT!
Posted by tmoff19962 on 2004-06-05:
Get a life. That happened months ago, and you're going to complaint now?!

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