Madza Complaint - how hard it is to change oil on new madza 3 5 door

Review by rich on 2004-04-15
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I bought a new Madza on 4-2-2004
on 4-14-2004 went to dealer to get oil filter
found out it could be 1 of 2 types.
i bought 1 type and then went home to put car on jack stands to find out what type of filter is needed.
found filter and noticed it was a cartage type
this was fine.
Also noticed that the inspection hole where you are to remove filter was 6-10 inches off.
This now would require the whole sub plastic frame to be removed each time I change oil!!!
I feel this is a over-sight by madza a a new plastic sub-palte is needed!!!
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2004-10-18
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-16:
Check with the Mazda Techs and see if there is a special adapter or a different technique that will remove the cannister without the remove of the subplate. If not and you wanna get extreme you can purchase a relocation kit that would allow you to relocate the filter to a more convienant location ie: firewall, inner fender, etc.
Posted by JohnE on 2004-06-03:
Plastic under-engine pans have become increasingly common; I have to remove the pan every time I change the oil on my VW Passat. In contrast, the oil filter of my 4-cylinder Dodge Stratus hangs straight down behind the right front wheel, conveniently adjacent to the drain plug, making oil changes extremely fast, clean, and easy.
Posted by mynonsense on 2004-07-22:
Do it yourself work on cars is getting harder! If money is no object then who cares! But if You half to do it yourself , I would look for cars or trucks more friendly to the home mechanic.The sad thing is , most car makers seem to be trying to over engineer everything and make it look to hard to mess with. I have had several cars and trucks , and had to work on all of them. Find a maker thats easy to work on . Because they all break down ! And all cost a bunch to fix! Base your loyalty on facts instead of hype!
Posted by NannyTo3 on 2004-10-18:
So I read this post and didn't think it applied to me yeah, I had just bought a Mazda 6..but hes talking about a 3...I was wrong..it was approaching its first oil change when I was out of town...at my parents...so I drove it to a place I used to take my civic all the time..the minute the guy climbed under there he told me about the panel..still okay remove it no big deal...but he wanted 15 bucks to remove it!! and with an oil change at 23 and 15 for the panel..38 bucks for a quick oil change...no way...so now I take it to dealers only because they dont charge extra....stupid idea MAZDA..

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