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Review by plain_blaine on 2009-05-11
IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO -- I went to Outfitters Truck & RV Center after finding out about them on www.autotrader.com and purchased a used vehicle. Not even 3 weeks later the Shaft comes off the pinion in the rear end and drops completely, which the mechanic said was the result of towing too much on a smaller truck. When I called and confronted them about it at outfitters they initially began to call me a liar and said I would be lying if I filed a complaint with BBB about the issue. Then he further told me if I had purchased a warranty I would have been covered but did not offer the warranty at the time of purchase and when I asked about a service contract at time of purchase they told me it was for only leased vehicles. He also proceeded to tell me they would repair the vehicle at my expense despite having just purchased it.

Now I am out 1600 dollars and have been greatly talked down to with rude salesman tactics and plain disrespect. Don't Shop Outfitters Truck & RV Center unless you want to be fixing your vehicle soon after or be blatantly called profane names.
Company Response on 08/02/2009:
I'm the owner of Outfitter's Truck Center where Blaine purchased his 2004 Dodge truck. When Blaine came into see the truck he found on Autotrader.com he told us he had $10,500 to spend including tax and license and wanted to know if we could make this truck fit that price range. We showed him the truck, he test drove it and also took it to his own mechanic to have it inspected. He returned from that visit with the decision to purchase the truck and we agreed to his price. The autotrader ad he saw the truck plus our newspaper ad that month included this truck priced at $12,000 including a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty. When Blaine purchased the truck he made the decision to wave the 100,000 mile warranty in lieu of a lower price as he was absolutely bound by the $10,500 "out the door limit". We supplied the BBB all documentation signed by Blaine indicating the final negotiated price did NOT include the "advertised" 5 year warranty plus we supplied them with a copy of the newspaper ad featuring the truck at $12,000 "with" the warranty and a disclosure stating the truck could be purchased $500 less if a customer were to opt out of the warranty coverage. Blaine's final purchase agreement went far below the advertised price.
When Blaine initially contacted me about the problem he was understandably upset. I offered to pick up the truck from the shop he had it towed to and bring it to our shop for the repair and we would participate in the cost of the repair. He stated the shop had quoted somewhere between $1500 to $1800 to rebuild the rear end. I told him the cost of the parts would be no more than $600 to $800 and we would rebuild it for no labor charge. Blaine in his anger stated with several choice expletives he would not pay our shop a dime to fix the truck because he did not trust our mechanics to do a sufficient job because they had already failed to recognize the problem in the first place. I reminded him he did not notice any problem in his intitial inspection and test drive and either did his own mechanic when they inspected it the day he bought it. His claim that we refused him a warranty at the time of purchase is unfounded and we clearly proved to the BBB we had in fact discussed the offered warranty coverage with him at the time of purchase. He also signed federal and state forms that stated he was aware he was buying the truck in an As-Is condition.
Although we regretted this situation with Blaine we made an honest effort to create a win-win situation whereas he had decided to purchase the truck without a warranty. Blaine's claim that we refused him an available warranty on the truck because they are only available on lease vehicles makes no sense simply because we do not market lease vehicles. The 5 year warranty we offer is available on any vehicle we sell and is usually offered included on most of our higher mileage vehicles to give our customers peace of mind when they are buying a vehicle that has had some miles put on it. We do all that is possible to make sure we are putting a mechanically sound product back out on the road and stand behind that promise with a viable warranty coverage that protects the wise consumer. Not everyone chooses to spend the extra few hundred dollars to protect their purchase and it's always a gamble to do so. Used cars and trucks can break and we understand that simple principle and do our best to protect our customers and even if they choose not to protect their purchase there would be no reason for us to "not" offer some kind of reasonable solution or assistance when a customer does have a problem. We have our own repair facility and can offer those services without a heavy cash burden on our business. But, once in a while a customer lets his anger and pride get in the way of logic and reason and I'm sorry to say Blaine let his lack of logic and reason get the best (or worst) of him in this situation. I can also assure you the finger pointing and name calling all came Blaine's direction not ours.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-11:
I suggest getting a notarized statement from the mechanic that revealed the real issue and that you sue for the repair costs in small claims court, provided there is no "as-is" clause in the contract. If there is a "sold as-is" clause you may be out of luck, unfortunately.

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