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Review by Anonymous on 2004-04-20
MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- Went to the new Beef O' Bradys franchise in Mckinney, TX with my wife and kid and a couple and their two kids for dinner last week. What happened at this place is unimaginable and you should be aware of the owner and his crew.7:35PM The first indication of things to come is a letter to customers posted in their menus. In short it reads " if you do not have an hour out of your day to spend dining with us, then maybe you should make another dining choice istead of Beefs" Boy, were they were trying to tell us something!! 7:40-7:45pm the Place is fairly busy.We ordered some appetizers. 8:15pm After waiting for 30 minutes, at which time no on came by our table and said sqaut, we inquired about the appetizers. Our waitress said that she asked the kitchen to please send out our appetizers before our dinner order and she said " Im sorry, I asked and I got yelled at. Im not going back in there." The place is emptying out.8:30PM finally some one came by and asked if we would like another drink, and we again asked about our order. This girl said" sorry, we have had a terrible accident in the kitchen tonight and things are really backed up." There are maybe five to six other tables left by now. 9:00 PM We asked our waitress again about our appetizers, she said" we are putting them on now" This is alomst 1 1/2 hours after we arrived. The story just gets better from here! AT aprrox 9:05 we finally ask to see a manager. A lady arrives at our table and is very PO'd that she has to answer questions about our order. The place by now is almost empty except for employees and a few tables. "Why we have had 35 orders in front of yours, and yours is just now up" 1 1/2 hours later and our order is just now up!! The place has not even been very busy for the past hour.A Party that had been seated well after us had been served and already left. By now we had demanded to know the status of our order, if its not ready now, we are leaving to go some where else? 9:15 pm The manager lady says she will comp our meal, with a really sarcastic and disbeieving tone. Yes, by now were rather upset about the lies, delays and crappy overall service. Just as we are getting up to leave they bring out our order. The manager lady is in the back crying. Now out comes the owner, he walks over to our table and asks my friend if there is something he needs to discuss with him in a very offensive and challanging way. My friend and I had both been short with the manager lady but not rude or insulting. We just wanted an answer, the kids were getting antsy. MY friend says no, we just wanted someone to give us an answer. Not the runaround. Well now, the owner,arms folded and a very disgusting look on his face, along with kitchen and bar help are all standing near our table, staring at us. After about 5 minutes of unbroken stares, I finally said, "stop staring at us!" Well now the bar help snaps back "stop ataring at us " in a mockish way. Needless to say , we all stopped eating our dinner. Not only did it take almsost 2 hours for our order to arrive, it come out @#$%^&* cold!!! No BS! COLD! Then the little owner guy follows us out of the restaraunt, stands at the door arms crossed, and stares at us we say goodbye to our friends in the parking lot. I went in after my friends left to tell this guy how concerned I was about his and his staffs behavior in front of our kids and wives. The manager lady starts screaming at me in front of everybody to leave, get out and do not come back!! I have said nothing negative or trheatining to these people.!! the little owner dude says to me " You should go now and do not ever come back" then sticks his hand out for me to shake. I told him "No way Im shaking your @#$%^&* hand!' and as I walked out Im still being verbally accosted by the manager lady.

What an incredible dining experience. Needles to say , I will never go back, and have told about 100 people about this event also. How rude and uncaring these people were, to one time customers. I will make another choice and hope you will to. All we have as consumeres is our wallets to fight back against such establishments!

I cant imagine a corportion posting such a letter like the one on this places' menu. If ever you see one like it, dont walk out of the place , run out of the place. It is nothing more than a cop out for poor management skills and much worse service.
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Posted by fedupabsolutely on 2004-04-20:
i hope this is not run by the brady bunch. marha marsha marsha oh bobby . where was alice though all this. lmao
Posted by fedupabsolutely on 2004-04-20:
i have to admit you were not to bright to stay thee that long. you could not have been that hungry, i would have left after twenty minutes of no waitress.
Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-04-22:
Good post fed/lwr, (good grief, did i put that?), "unimaginable," that's the perfect title here! It's "unimaginable" that you'd stay in a restaurant for longer than 15 minutes without asking for the manager sooner! I waited tables for years and that's something that could have been alleviated had you been more pro-active. just a tip, if nobody shows up at your table within 15 minutes, ask for a manager, if that manager is no help then leave because i am certain that there are other restaurants to eat at.

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