Associate National Bank Complaint - keep away from Associate National Bank Credit Card.

Review by txie2k
If you havent got statements for your Associate National Bank credit card, you are in trouble.
They will charge you "late charge" again and again. Here is my story....
I havent got my statement for 2-3 month, and one day, a guy from Associate National Bank called
me and told me I was late on payment. I was so suprised. I have more than 3 credit cards, its not
realistic for me to track each of them, (btw, how many people do that?), ususally, once I got a statment,
i signed a check in same week. But this way doesnt work with Associate National Bank credit card. Ok,
lets go back to the story....
finally, we found out the mail address was not correct in their system. I changed the mail address on the
phone and charged me $50 for my bill. everything seemed fine now. During the next 2 months l still couldnt
get my statements. Then I got three bills, the latest one charged me "late charge" for $29, I called their customer
support, their line was always buy, it kept me waiting for >20 minutes util I got somebody answered my phone.
The attitude of their support rep. was extremely bad. She just wanted to convince you its all your fault. She
could do nothing to help. I said "please transfer to somebody can help me with this issue or to your manager".
She sounded pissed off. then kept me waiting on the line for 30 minutes. I lost my patience and hang up the phone.
As you can tell, Im upset. But I still signed a check, and paid the whole bill including the ridiculous "late charge".
I just wanted this bad experience over.
3 weeks later, I got another statment, they got my payment (sure), but they still charge me another $29 "late charge".
Now, I called them, I believed there is some problem with their system, but this time, their support rep. s attitude got even
worse, he interrupted me several times and repeated same thing again and again.

If you want to apply a credit card, dont apply theirs,
if you already have their credit cards, cancel them,
If you dont want to cancel them, good luck
Comments:6 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-07-21
Posted by Anonymous on --:
I had the same problem with them after they took over my Unocal card. Send a payment a week before the due date and it still gets posted late. They also loused up on the interest rate and gasoline rebate. A lot of these credit card companies will tell you to allow over 5 days for payment to receive them, but it only takes a day or two, three days max for them to get the payment. They are supposed to credit the payment as of the day they receive it, but they lie. Some congressmen tried to pass a law saying that they had to credit payment as of the date of postmark, but the banks and department stores have powerful lobbies and they killed it. Screw us.
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-01-23:
Don't take on more cards than you can handle. You are responsible for for the payments whether you receive a statement or not.
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-03-01:
It is the wild west out there. The banks are running free and wild on the internet hooking customers. IMO, they go out of their way to find ways to trick consumers into more $29 late payment charges. Thanks for spreading the word on my bad operators.

I have never seen such practises from the establishment credit card players. I think consumers are well advise to say with a major name brand and avoid the internet upstarts with their operations centers in the middle of some desert somewhere.

Just my 3.5 cents :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-11-01:
I solved that problem. For awhile I made copies of the statement coupon, and changed the date, and the balance, and due date. I did this on the computer. Then I called the 800 number, to find out the closing, and print date, and got the payment to them before I received the bill. Then, through my bank, I signed up for online billpay. I always got the payment to them 2 weeks early, and backup proof of payment. This month, October 2002, I paid all of the ripoff banks in full. I will never again bank with First Premier, centenniel, future, First National Bank of Marin, First National CC, First Consumers National Bank, to name a few. They are sub-prime credit card baks, stay clear of all of them
Posted by ThePaladin on 2007-03-19:
What you can't track 3 credit cards - then stop using them. I track a dozen (plus car loans, etc.), haven't had a late payment in over 5 years, you need to really look at your priorities.
Posted by lockwood on 2007-07-21:
If this is the same company as Associated National Bank corporation. They suck! They are also very rude when you have a complaint and they will pile charge after charge after charge. They will but your largest to the smallest when they clear there books at night so instead of one overdraft fee you might get many and they don't care even if you are negative, they will keep paying and charging, paying and charging. And then they tell you that you should be greatful because they paid.

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