Brandon Honda Complaint - Poor service on brake job.

Review by Anonymous on 2004-04-23
BRANDON, FLORIDA -- This dealer completed several PM service items for me. At time of service they notified me that a front brake job was needed. They completed all of the work. 15k miles later the front brakes started to throb the pedal and steering wheel. Visible banding grooves of the front rotors is now notible. I scheduled an appoint with Jeff and notified him of my concerns. The car was reviewed and the dealer then told me that it was my back brakes causing the problem. I was told if I lift the e-brake up while driving I would be able to feel the vibration.
This is not the problem that I brought to their attention. I was told that grooves in the rotors are normal. I was also told that non-honda parts would cause this problem (I'm the first and only owner of the car and all replacement parts have been Honda, because I work has been done by the dealer). I was told that it was my driving style. Well I got
90k out of the first set of brakes no problem. They dismissed all of my claimes and swore that the problem was in the back brakes and it would
cost 120.00 to turn the rear rotors.
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Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-04-23:
Wow...you got 90k out of your first set of brakes? Heck, I'd be impressed if my Chevy survives the first 90k without falling apart! Wait for dealerdirect to chime in, he's the best!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-23:
This is almost impossible to determine without knowing which model Honda it is. My best guess though is trust your instincts. Banding grooves can be normal but I need to SEE how bad the groves are. What your are experiencing is brake pulsation more than likley caused by the FRONT rotors because the steering wheel vibrates but without being able to drive the vehicle it is impossible to be 100% accurate on this. Question when the front brakes were replaced were the rotors machined or replaced? 70% of your stopping power is done by the front brakes therefore you will replace front pads approx twice as many times as the rear. Again need to know which model Honda it is before I can comment on the emergency brake situation, I need to know which way your e brake is set up either through the caliper or through the hub. Good Luck
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-23:
Thanks melissa, but Gman is pretty good too.
Posted by fedupabsolutely on 2004-04-24:
you either have out of round rotors or they are too thin causing the steering wheel to go back n forth slightly. rear brakes can cause a serious vibration though out the car if the rear wheel cylinders are frozen not retracking all the way useing the e brake will not all ways tell you . the only way is to remove the drums if they will not go back on rear w/c are frozen do not adjust rear shoes unless drums will not come off
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-26:
^^^ ASE Certified???? I did not know that rear disk brakes had wheel cylinders and drums!!!! I must have missed that class!!!

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