Uncle Milton's Butterfly Jungle Complaint - Butterfly Kit Disfigures/Kills Butterflies

Review by Anonymous on 2001-06-20
I would like to register a complaint about the Butterfly Jungle that was manufactured by "Uncle Milton" (Butterfly Farm, 5717 Corsa Ave., Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818)707-0800.) The kit is very poorly designed and leads to the disfigurement and death of butterflies.
Two out of the four caterpillars that were sent to me died before becoming butterflies. The two butterflies who emerged from the chrysalides fell and became trapped in the 3-dimensional decorations in the kit. Their wings became permantly disfigured leaving them unable to fly and feed themselves properly. Although these Painted Lady Butterflies have a life expectancy of 2-4 weeks, both died within a day of coming out out their chrysalides.
I have been an Elementary School teacher for over 10 years and have achieved great results with other butterfly kits. I am very disappointed that my son and his pre-school class had such a bad experience with their first nature activity. We had to just wait while the butterflies suffered and died.
Before a consumer orders a butterfly kit or caterpillars, I would make sure that they were not from the company "Uncle Milton." The seemed to have little regard for the well-being of the caterpillars and butterflies and stated on the phone that would not refund the cost of the kit. Please consider this information before ordering products from this company.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-06-20:
Oh NO! Poor butterflies! I for one will never use that company!
Posted by spryte on 2006-05-18:
I wish I had read this review before purchase. It has been very hard on my children to watch the butterflies suffer in the butterfly jungle. The butterflies get stuck in the food dish and trapped in the decorations etc. If you already have one of these kits, please put some twigs and sticks in for the butterflies to climb on, the walls and decorations are too slippery. The floor gets covered in meconium, so put down newspaper or paper towel.
Posted by KathyM on 2007-05-22:
My son purchased an Uncle Milton Ant Farm in late February, and sent in his $3 for the live ants. Now it's late May, and they claim it is too hot to ship the ants, so they will not arrive until it is cooler than 85 degrees. We are in Texas, so it will be late October until it's that cool here. So, my son spent $20 on a bunch plastic and gel, and most probably won't ever recieve those ants. UMI will not refund, and I'm sure Target will not either, since it's been over 90 days. What a horrid company, and such a disapointment to my son.

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