Casa Rosa Restaurant Complaint - Bait And Switch?? - Hot Antipasta Dish Vs Platter

Review by eatat on 2009-05-22
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I checked the menu and decided to order the appetizers for the 9 of us. Listed were the hot antipasta for 2 at $15 dollars each dish, and calimari at $11 a dish. I told the waitress that I would like 2 of the hot antipasta for 2 and one calimari. She asked me if I wanted a platter of calimari and 2 platters of hot antipasta, and I told her yes. when they were served, I should have realized that they were much more than we could eat but, after eating some, I asked her why she didn't give me advice on the serving size as I would have ordered less. She said that they were platters at 2x and 3x the cost on the menu, yet nothing was noted about platter prices or options on the menu. Why should I be familiar with the platter pricing when there was no note or advice about it.

The owner said that " for every customer we loose, we get 2 more" what a way to do business. BE AWARE OF THIS SCAM.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-22:
" for every customer we loose, we get 2 more"

I wonder how the heck that happens.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-22:
And, why do they lose them in the first place?
Posted by Ben There on 2009-05-22:
That is not bait and switch.
Posted by S. on 2009-05-22:
Agreed, Ben. Why do so many toss that phrase out when clearly they don't know the definition?
Posted by Pepper on 2009-05-22:
Ben's is 100% correct.

Bait and switch would be to advertise one item *knowing* it wasn't in stock.

However offering you a bigger size is NOT bait and switch.
And if the platter is listed on the menu ... the menu that you were reading...

in my opinion, as soon as you realized they were too big, you should have asked...

but this is not bait and switch

Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-23:
If you ordered the appetizers and they served you a platter without informing you of the price difference and the fact that you weren't getting what you ordered, then they should absolutely charge you the price of an appetizer.

After being caught at it, they should have even considered comping the whole thing...

This is a terrible way for a waitress to treat customers, but to make it worse, the owner even backed her up. BAD Casa Rosa!
Posted by Suusan B. on 2009-05-23:
If I had been in your place and the server suggested platters I would have asked the price before ordering. Just the word "platter" should have been an indication that the serving was much larger and had a higher price.
Posted by DRVROFRED on 2009-05-23:
There's that bait and switch term again that I hate. Is someone doing this on purpose EERRRRRRRRR!
I suggest the poster put an ad in the local newspaper on the opinion section and spread the word on how poorly the restaurant conducts their business and their comments on how much they value their customers too. That is pathetic but I do believe it's true as we have a couple local owned businesses that behave that way and figure people need them and will always return. Well, I for one sure don't. Good luck to you.
Posted by Buddy01 on 2009-05-23:
What bait and switch? She asked if you wanted the platters and you said yes. She gave you what you ordered.
Posted by eatat on 2009-05-27:
prehaps bait & switch is the wrong term. BUT, the fact remains that the menu does not list platters and to my unfamiliar and rather scarce resturant knowledge( only out on occasions, graduation this time),a platter is only another word for dish. when I pointed out " 2 of these on the menu" and was asked ,2 platters?, I said yes. But no comprimise by the owner was very selfish and unfair. Menu listed at $15 or hot anti, and platters cost $45 each . wipeout
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-27:
I agree with you, got hosed and the restaurant could have handled this much better.

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