Auto Gallery Motors Complaint - Auto Gallery Motors does not worth your time

Review by jerrybrisco on 2009-05-28
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I've been to Auto Gallery Motors and asked to look at the 2009 A4 wagon and I ended up being pawned off to not one, not two, but three different salesmen. It was pretty apparent that they were just passing off to the next most junior sales person. The final schlub who got "stuck" with me was for some reason reluctant to show me an A4 wagon and instead taking me on a tour of used sedans and other cars that seemed to have been on the lot for some time. Hmmm. Sounds like they were more interested in unloading their clunkers.

I had to literally ask 6 times to see the wagon, each time he would say fine, but not do anything to either point me in the direction of the model or call for it to be brought out. It turns out that their only wagon was out on a test drive. I asked to take it for a test drive, and he pushed back that he would rather NOT because he didn't want to put too many miles on it. So I assume that he would have preferred that I purchase a vehicle without seeing how it actually, you know, drive.

Overall I ended up going somewhere else for the poor sales treatment shabby and sad sales office (although it seems that a new sales office is in the works).

While I am prepared for disingenuous sales staff, such rude, presumptuous, and downright unfriendly sales staff, I wonder how Mr. Keyes keeps this branch open. What's the point? I would have to say that given the competitor Audi dealerships throughout SoCal, why would I want to patronize such a mediocre business?

My recommendation, move on; Auto Gallery Motors does not worth your time.
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Posted by mmafighter71 on 2011-10-06:
I almost had the same expierence with Auto gallery on Northern blvd, I made a purchase agreement for $18,500 with another dealership on Hillside avenue, only to be told that Auto gallery was doing the financing on the vehicle, so when I went there, I noticed $2270 in extra charges on the contract, I asked what are these extra charges? The dealer Paul, said oh there bank fees to get the loan approved, but he didn't really break down the prices, I know I shouldn've signed the contract, but I figured I could negoite with the bank, only to find that the bank said these were dealer fees, and not bank fees, & that the dealer lied to me, and I should take it up with him. And it wasn't till I spoke to 3 bank reps, that we were able to conclude that these charges were added to the sales price of the car, and they were'nt broken down at all. So I went back to the dealership to try to dispute the fees, he told me nothing could be done,since the contract was signed, but he did admit that he had added those charges, and that he had to pull some strings with the bank to get the loan approved, and other fees to do business with his dealership. So I said can u atleast take care of some of the blemishes on the car, he agreed but everytime I called him, he said what's your phone number, and I'll call u back, he never returned any of my calls. Classic bait and switch here, but he lied to me, and said the bank had charged me those fees, when it was him. Stay away from Auto Gallery Motors on Northern Blvd, in Douglaston, yeah their cars appear to be cheaper, on the lot, but they add extra charges on the sales contract, so u almost pay regular prices. They should be investigated.

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