Puppies Galore Informative - Beware Of Owner -- She Wants Your Money!

Review by MANDUH * on 2009-05-29
LAWRECENVILLE, GEORGIA -- Yes, I am aware that, when walking into a puppy store, you must spend money. In my case, one of the puppy mill dogs, she sold to a gentleman, he ended up giving away, due to problems due to puppy mill breeding. When we asked the Owner (of the store) to give us the 'breeder's' information she said... "Oh I can't give you that information, but let's talk about which dog you're interested in". We (my boyfriend & I) were there attempting to get the papers from her about the dog the gentleman couldn't handle. The original owner of this dog had some information on the dog and all the lady at Puppies Galore could say was.. "Just offer him some money.. it's all about money when it comes to these kinds of things". We never talked to the guy again. We have visited often just to see and browse the dogs and see if they lady ever changed. NOPE. This lady was constantly insisting we buy this bulldog she had. We weren't asking her any questions about it. "Oh it's just 34.. I know you can pay that.." ($3400 is what she meant and assumed we could pay that.) I would never buy from a puppy store, especially this one. There are so many dogs out there that need to be rescued -- and these dogs are being bred for just money.

Well, just FYI -- because of Puppies Galore and that LOVELY owner of theirs, the free dog that we managed to rescue from the guy, became a $3000 investment with training. He's a German Shepherd and his bloodline is completely messed up thanks to the breeding. He's very aggressive, bipolar, and hates kids and other dogs. If it isn't me or my boyfriend then he doesn't like you. So thank you puppies galore for wasting my money so you could pay your bills and manage your little shack you call a store.
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Posted by S on 2009-05-29:
Actually German Shephards are known to be very protective. They instintively won't like other dogs or people who are not welcomed members of the pack.

We have a german shephard mix and he has many of the same traits. However over the last 2 years we have trained him to do very well. This breed of dog is extremely intelligent but also extremely stubborn, it may take a few years but don't give up on him yet. Just make sure you are constantly exposing him to other people, kids and dogs. I think he will turn out just fine.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-30:
Sparitcus is right, I rescued an Anatolian Shepherd that the owner could not handle. VERY intimidating and protective, wants to be the boss, but that is his job. I introduce him to the kids and people in the neighborhood so he will know them. $3,000 for training and they did not teach you this?
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-30:
"bipolar" huh, really?

be glad the shepard is mixed, if not there are many many medical issues with pure bred shepards.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2009-05-30:
You would be better off adopting a pet from a shelter, rather than go to a pet store...some pet stores do get their dogs from puppy mills, where the dogs they are breeding are kept under the worst of conditions. And pet stores and puppy mills are for-profit businesses, while animal shelters are non-profit and community-oriented. Shelters do have some purebred dogs as well.

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