Petsmart Grooming Complaint - Petsmart Grooming REALLY bad!

Review by Lorrainne on 2009-05-30
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Went to Petsmart for my dog to get nail trim. For the last several years my pets go elsewhere for the nail trimming and usually take less than 5 minutes, but because I was there picking up food I figured I could try there groomer while there. They told me it would taked 10 minutes but it took more like 25 minutes and they then told me they only finished one leg beuase my dog nipped at the groomer. My dog has never nipped in the 4 years which is why the other groomers are done in less than 5 minutes, and my dog came out urinating on himself and very shaken up. Along with this I had to call someone to please help us after waiting for 10 minutes with no one at the front desk. I would never put my trust or waste my money and or time on this groomer. They are very unprofessional and looks like a bunch of young immature kids working on the dogs and are very impolite with customer sevice being the last of their worries.
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Posted by Arlene on 2009-05-31:
I'm surprised no one has commented on this...we had very good results with the Petsmart in Casa Grande, AZ, our two service dogs went there on a monthly basis, had the works, and always came home happy and content. We took them to the Petsmart in Lacey, WA while here on vacation, I made the appointment TWO MONTHS in advance, I called a few days before the appointment to confirm and we weren't even on the books! They did get us in on the day we wanted though.

We took the dogs in, dropped them off and paid in advance, then we continued with our shopping. We noticed that the dogs were dragged to the back by their leashes...through all the hair on the floor. Ok, they were there for grooming and that would take care of the hair they picked up....we went to get them and they were brought out, again being dragged through the hair on the floor, they didn't smell any different, usually after a bath they smelled clean and fresh, this day they still smelled dirty, and Munchkin had always had the hair on her feet trimmed so they could do toenails...Munchkin has "grinch feet"...the hair on her feet is two inches longer than her feet! They didn't trim her feet, toenails hadn't been touched, they said we had to request for all that and it was an additional charge....GIVE ME A BREAK!
$18 per dog and we got them back looking and smelling like they did when they went in...plus they were covered with other dogs' hair!

Bearbear has always been a happy-go-lucky sort, not much bothers him, he just goes with the flow. I don't know what happened this day at Petsmart but when we got Munchkin back, she was a totally changed dog...she's afraid of men, and she loved everyone before she went in that day for grooming. Petsmart informed me they only had female groomers....I don't know this for sure, I did see one male behind their counter. Petsmart has ruined a very sweet, loving dog, one we counted on to be my hubby's ears, and I wanted to cross train both dogs for low sugar alerting...Bearbear is doing great...but poor Munchkin...it'll be a full year this Wednesday that this happened to her, as a service dog, she's basically useless now, she's fine as long as its just us here at home....she remains well behaved in public but she cowers around men, and prefers to ride under her brother's stroller where she's away from people...she's become more pet than anything, and neither dog has ever snapped at anyone...if anything they are both spoiled rotten, but Bearbear does the work he was trained for...his retraining after his accident didn't take long at all, he's all healed and working full time (24/7) but he gets playtime as well...and Munchkin...we just love her and still take her with us, but she's retired as a full time service dog, its been a year so I doubt she'll ever get over whatever it was that happened at Petsmart...I do shop there, but they'll never see our dogs at the grooming salon again!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-31:
I'm sorry about Munchkin!!!!!! That must be extremely upsetting.

I've seen groomers be rough with dogs before and it ticks me off to no end.

Last time we took Butterbean in, he came back with the tops of all the moles on his back shaved off and bleeding...needless to say, we won't be going back there.

I'm sooo picky about who grooms my dogs..its an ongoing search to find just the right one.

The one consistant trait I look for is that they better adore animals and it better be obvious. There are several groomers right here that I just won't use because they just don't seem to relate to their animal customers.

To Lorraine, if the groomers are impolite to their human customers, I wouldn't trust them one minute to be loving and caring to the animals they groom. A dog urinating on himself is just terrified! Good call not to go back.

Posted by Arlene on 2009-05-31:
Boki, Munchkin does well in very controlled surroundings. We were at an outdoor wedding two weeks ago and she wore her pink ruffled sun dress and soon as the stroller came out of the truck, she dove into the bottom, made herself comfy and never moved, never made a sound. Bearbear on the other hand, with his classy looking shirt collar and tie, had to greet everyone, shake hands and tell everyone about it who would listen, he grumbles....doesn't usually bark in public, doesn't growl, but he's developing quite a "speech pattern"!!

We do have a couple friends who come over and Munchie has made up to them, and our computer tech is totally in love with her...I think the feeling is mutual! But as a rule, she's very reserved and you don't even know she's around.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-31:
Aw! I'll bet they were the hit of the wedding!!

I'm looking up Cesar Milan videos on chihuahuas..I wish my boy was as well behaved as either of your's!
Posted by Arlene on 2009-05-31:
Wish we could afford to have Cesar come re-train Munchie...
and make her whole again. I just can't imagine what happened while they were there.

It was an outdoor wedding, and I was informed by the bride's mother that if the dogs didn't come to the wedding, I wasn't to come either!!! She was very impressed with their behavior in public and at home.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-31:
I don't like to think of what would make a sweet dog like Munchie that fearful that quickly..

I just got home from Mama's house...someone either lost or dumped an absolutely gorgeous white and red pomeranian at her house. I went door to door and checked all the flyer sources in the neighborhood.

It is the sweetest little dog, I just know someone lost her and wants her back. I can't imagine someone just dropping her off.

She is going to stay at Mama's tonight. I just hope Mama doesn't fall and break her neck over her..she's right underfoot and very energetic.

Anyway, I get to work on getting her back to her owners tommorrow...gotta call the vets, ect. in the area. Joy, joy!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-01:
Update! Mama was taking her out to piddle (11pm) and her owners drove by looking for her in the streets...yay! Happy reunion and glad we don't wake up to a sweet little dog lost from its owners. :)

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