Whitening Now Complaint - This is a SCAM... RUN

Review by lasvegas on 2009-06-03
I made the mistake of filling out the form for a free sample of this teeth whitening kit. I fortunatly did not supply my CC info. I got a call from a telemarketer and said I wasn't interested. Now I'm getting Abandoned Dead calls from 201-465-4655 which had to block. Just days later after blocking that number they switched to 201-205-0806. I know that it's this company because I researched it and other people have compained about getting dead calls from both of these numbers after dealing with this company (block one number and they switch to the other). Now I have blocked both numbers I wonder if there is a third. There is no way to make it stop. Google these numbers and you'll see the complaints. I'm contacting the FCC tomorrow. This is a scam and they keep calling.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-03:
What is an "abandoned dead" call?
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-06-03:
An abandoned dead call is one made by an auto dialer and no one is there when you answer it. Just dead air. These auto dialers make many calls simultaneously. An operator may pick up one of them and the rest are abandoned.
Posted by lasvegas on 2009-06-03:
Your phone rings, you answer and no one is there.

Read this website: Copy and paste it:
Posted by lasvegas on 2009-06-03:
Cut and paste this website on your browser and you will see there are many people having the same issue as me with this company... they keep calling. The FCC is sending me a complaint form and I'm following through it. Here is the website of complaints.

Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-03:
I had the same problem with West # 201-331-5229. It's actually AT&T trying to get you to upgrade. They called starting @ 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily. I answered the first few times, explained I wasn't interested, and asked them to stop calling. They continued to call for over 2 months. I usually ignored them but last night, they called again, caught me in a very bad mood, and I answered, listened to the guy tell me his name and what he was calling about, then lit into the guy for about 5 minutes, told him I'm on the "do not call list" and NOT to call again unless he wanted to be contacted by the FCC and my attorney. I didn't get a single call today...but I'm just waiting! It's extremely annoying for these auto dialers to call every day all day long...
Posted by lasvegas on 2009-06-06:
Update... guess what after blocking the second phone number they are now calling me with a third 201-204-0767. Did some research on that number and other people who are complaining too say it's from a company called "Bright White" selling Teeth treatment systems. I think these Teeth Cleaning companies are all under one main company. Here is the website of people posting complaining about getting calls from the same numbers I am.


Is there going to be a forth number? Don't give any of these companies your phone number....

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