Pro Caulk Advertisement Complaint - Advertising Hype - Silicone Caulk Product

Review by D on 2009-06-06
There is a constant barrage of TV advertisement by "Pro-Caulk" silicone caulk which features the silicone product and 3 or 4 plastic "tools" to apply or remove old caulking..

The cost for this magnificent offer?
$19.95 plus shipping...

It is interesting to note that you can buy a tube of caulk for two and a half bucks from your local hardware store and the so- called "tools" are just small pieces of plastic which maybe cost 50 cents to fabricate..

It just proves that there is a sucker born every minute...
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-06:
Voted helpful, how do they make such a ripoff look like a good deal?
Posted by D on 2009-06-06:
Yeah... the real kicker is the "tools" which have TWELVE different edges for that "professional finish".... what a bunch of horse$h*t......
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-06-06:
but they are doing it to make money.

i find a wet sponge is better than any tool.
Posted by saj80 on 2009-06-06:
I purchased a tool at a local hardware store for $5 that creates a caulking finish as good as any professional. I also doubt, that for most do-it-yourselfers, the results shown in the infomercial will be totally opposite of actual results.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-06:
I kind of chuckled when I saw that commercial myself...

Good points, OF.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-06:
saj has really good advice here. A lot of times commercials are advertising packaged products that are put together for convenience. You can go to your local hardware store and sometimes get them seperately for much better prices!
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-06-06:
OF, there is nothing wrong with feeling buyers remorse and you can use them to spread butter on your toast in between those tub re-caulks every 5 years.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-06:
Good review, I use my index finger, thumb and wet sponge like Madconsumer. Both have worked great all my life. I guess I will pay myself $19.95 plus some outrages S&H next time I need to caulk anything.
Posted by smitty1121 on 2009-07-05:
My Dad just got screwed by this company. His order was supposed to be $19.95 plus free shipping (within next 10 minutes)and after the order it tried to get him to buy more stuff and he replied "0" to all of their requests.
At the end of his completely automated phone call his order total was given to him. $57.83

He will likely have to dispute and cancel his CC #
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-05:
$57.83 for $5.00 worth of junk. They have one heck of a racket going on.

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