Lustine Toyota, Woodbridge VA Complaint - Bait & Switch - Toyota RAV 4

Review by svobob on 2009-06-07
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- The salesman at Lustine Toyota answered my search for a 2009 RAV4 Limited for my father; said he had just the "exact 2009" in his inventory. Loaded, leather, navigation, every option for $27688.73; that sounded great. My parents go to Lustine to make the purchase and once there Lustine Toyota can't find it. So the salesman offered a Sport model with no leather seats or navigation for $27999. More money, fewer options and it's a demo with 5,000 miles on it. They called me and I told the salesman that that was not acceptable and he assured me not to worry, he would take care of my parents (in their seventies) and get them the best deal on a RAV4. They came home with a "used" 2009 RAV4 no leather, no navigation for $29000 and never told them it was a used car(sold & returned)!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-07:
That is bait and switch to the extreme. I suggest taking it to the local media.
Posted by Mengle on 2009-10-19:
My name is Mike Engle, and I am the new Senior Manager at Lustine Toyota. I started on April 1st, and I have worked hard to change the perception of our dealership. I have spoken directly with Mr. _______, and have shown him all documents that stated they were buying a pre-owned car. Their argument is not with the car, they expressed they love the car. The son, not the buyers, was the one that expressed frustration and stated he wanted 4k dollars to change the perception of his experience. He had no experience, he did not buy a car, yet he wants 4k to change his experience. I apologize in advance if this ruffles any feather, but being a veteran of the USMC, I have a code of ethics and a high standard of moral values that I practice daily. That does not include any bait and switch moves, but it also does not include extortion. I am happy to do anything to help a customer have a positive experience, but the fact stands they chose to buy the pre-owned car, and they actually watched another customer take delivery of the vehicle they originally expressed interest in. Again, my name is Mike Engle, and please, if anyone has any recommendations of how to handle this situation differently that is inthe best interest of the customer and the company, I welcome all feedback.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-10-19:
Personally I'm giving a "helpful" to Mengle. That was a very well worded company response.

Now, if the OP's parents voice that they're upset with the deal then fine, it's a valid argument. But... unless they've legally been declared as being unable to make their own decisions, if they are satisfied then that's about all that matters.

Hell if I suggested to my parents that their age makes them incapable of making financial decisions?... They'd be very offended. Mom's almost 69 and Dad's 82 - and believe me they are ENTIRELY capable of making their own decisions.

(Mom especially... she's the one who talks price when it comes to buying cars. Ain't a salesman alive who can get one past her.)
Posted by Kennguyen8888 on 2010-12-07:
I dont want to jump in, but I think that there are issue here that what promised to be in inventory are not there and appear to say what the buyer want just to get them into the dealership. A couple MONTHS ago, this happened to me also, I was told to come and check it out, it here and ready for you to buy today. What had happen is that the dealership took advantage of the situation and milk as much money out of the customer unknowingly as possible. If the buyer had did research and knowledgable? They would have not buy this. Money had been switched hand, so pointless to argue to get it back. But ethically, there are certain profit margin you can make, but above that is call stealing if you know the person is not knowledgable and use this point to manipulate them. At full price for that vehicle without negotiating is just 29,000 - manufacture suggested and also included in the tax and tittle. If the person got that for 29,000 OTD on a used car w/5000 miles - the picture is not bright - it very clear some one had taken advantage of a customer - in their 70's? Easy as stealing candy from a baby. The kid is sticking up and trying to reimburse back to his parent, I dont think he pocket it. What if your parent or grandparent are in same situation, they go and buy a 30K car new, but bring home a 40K used are where someone else pay onlt 35 New for the same vehicle? I think having some sympathy and look at what limit were cross. You make a few thousands on a deal, but you loose your class and moral, you lose potential customers. This is true, as after looking at reviews, Lustine have the most complaint of all dealers. I don't think you have to ask why, it very obvious.

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