Evercom Systems (Correctional Billings) Complaint - This company is a ripoff

Review by Anonymous on 2004-05-04
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- my son has a girlfriend in prison. she called him and they talked for 15 mins. and the cost for that is 12.20. even if you answer the phone they charge you 4.50 for that call. also when i called them to talk about the bill they are not understanding at all. the bill came to be 953.85. and that was from 3/19 to 3/31.they also told me that if a inmate makes 50.00 worth of calls in a 24 hour the services is cut off. they are lairs because they didn't do that they let the bill get 953.85 bebore they cut the services off.that is not right when other people services are cut off before it gets to high.they also told me that i have a 950.00 credit limit. and i didn't even ask for there services.and when other people have a limit of 15.00 to 50.00. something needs to be done about this company. i am disable and my income is less then the charges. now my home phone is going to be cut off because i can not pay this bill.and my son did not know the cost of each phone call. and also they charge you 2.00 per call for taxes. this is very wrong that a company can do this to someone.
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Posted by anonymous2 on 2004-05-10:
The automated system *tries* to cut services off at $50.00 in 24 hours, but, there is a delay from when the $50.00 mark is hit to when the line becomes restricted. Now if you've accumulated $953.85 in calls in 12 days at $12.20 a call, that means you'e accepted roughly 6 calls a day. So you must have been accepting them in such a high velocity that you managed to rack up $900+ in calls before the system had a chance to block you. Even at a discounted rate that a phone company would charge you that's still a hefty amount of calls. WHy would you even think of accepting calls without knowing how much they cost? That's just plain ignorant. Would you walk into a store and grab the things you want without looking at the prices, then freak out when the cashier tells you how much it costs? It is your responsibility to ask how much the calls are going to cost. Not to mention, if you are on a fixed income that should be an incentive to find out if you can afford the calls or find a way to budget them. As far as the credit limit is concerned, it can range anywhere from $0.00 - $950.00 and the system will rase or lower it based on your call patterns. So, if your accepting over $900.00 in calls in a month, then (here comes the obvious part) your spending limit will raise to try and accomodate you calling patterns! As far as your bill, I'd be going after the son for some cash if I were you, he's the one accepting them, he should help with the bill.
Posted by Di on 2004-05-20:
In regards to the correctional billings system they have the worst customer service. I was on hold for 15 mins then was disconnected.. & had to call back again and wait another 10 minutes.
Correctional Billings make it sound like you have a choice to use their system & 30 Cents a minute is a deal! I feel we as the family of person incarcerated should have choices to use whatever phone service.
I can imagine those who don't have the resources of setting up an account what there feelings are that of dispair, and loss. The phone is the one way that I have peace of mind & my guy is given a little hope by hearing from me and his family. I hope that I will be able to afford keeping in touch.. but I know that for correctional billings it is all about the $$ nothing more.. If any one finds a better way to over come this please post it!!
Posted by anonymous2 on 2004-05-26:
Not all the reps are bad, but the turnout is roughly 4 months so CBS is constantly hiring new staff, and new people obviouly don't know as much. Plus the training for CBS is only a week. If you feel that the rep you're talking to is new, call back for a better rep. Now I know the hold time is incredible, so call the direct number 1-888-693-1046 and cal either first thing in the morning (8am-10am EST) when there a fewer calls, or in the afternoon (1pm-5pm EST) when the moring reps and afternoon reps are all working at the same time.
Posted by badbuzz on 2005-02-11:
maybe your son doesn t need to accecp 75 calls in 14 days and then maybe you won t have a bill for 1000.00

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