Hotel/Motels - In General Complaint - The Signs Never Tell The Truth...

Review by IHATEAT&T on 2009-06-10
I have spent a lot of time traveling with in the past 5 years. I have been to over 25 states & I seem to notice the same thing everywhere I go.

When reading a sign for a hotel & or motel the special on the sign will say, "rooms starting at $39.99 & up" why is it whenever to go to get a room I can never get one at that price? I can't believe that every hotel/motel I've ever stayed at will always have those rooms booked at every second of every day. I have stayed at a lot of motels & even carry my rewards card to get discounts which comes in handy at times but you would think that at some point I'd be able to find a room at said special rate shown on the giant sign which usually stands out front but never in my life have I ever gotten that rate.

I always seem to be told the same line of excuses...

1) Those rooms are all sold out. (as I look in the parking lot at 3pm & see 5 cars & 200 rooms.

2) That's the on line price. (shouldn't they advertise that on lne & not on the street)

3) It's an extra $15 cause you smoke & $5 for a remote.(which is not stated on the sign)

4) That's if you book a week in advance. (also not stated on sign although they can make room for "free cable, free breakfast i. e.donut, outdoor swimming pool in December in Chicago & extended stay available but still nothing about a week in advance)

Either which way I can't understand why in so much traveling why it is I have never been able to pay the Lowest said amount for a hotel.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-10:
That sign is just to get you through their door. It could be for a date in 6 months on a Tuesday. Once you're through the door its more likely that you're going to stay anyway, so the sign does its job.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-06-10:
I have had pretty good luck thru the years with just being polite with the clerk and explaining that all my company will reimburse me for is $XX/night (whatever their come on rate is) and just tell them anything above that comes out of my pocket and could they help me out. More often than not I have received the rate advertised.

But you have to be willing to walk away if they don't give in. And several times as I headed for the door they told me to wait and let me see what they could do. They would work the computer for a minute or two and suddenly they would find a room at that rate.

Remember - everything is negotiable. But a good attitude and politeness will get you farther than anger.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-06-10:
I travel 200+ nights a year in the US. Primarily the Holiday Inn, Hampton, Marriot, and Comfort Inn chains.I tend to use the same locations in a particular city. I have found that while a Hampton in one city is good, the Holiday Inn is better in another and so on. I usually call up the day I am arriving and make my reservations, they know me. Because of the franchising, all locations for a particular brand aren't the same. You have to find the one that fits your needs in the city you are going to.
Cheapest ain't always the best.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-06-10:
Are these repeat locations you've been to in the past 5 years or just 25 states the past 5 years? The reason I ask is the sign out front is just to bring the prospective customers in. No more nor less and not particularly kosher but that's the way it works.

Believe it or not but there are still some Mom and Pop locations that might not be the most modern or up to date if you will, but the rooms are sparkling clean and they will do anything to make certain they provide what you need. You'll never find them on a website, just word of mouth.

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