McCarran Airport Complaint - Animal Lovers Beware

Review by ladydumon on 2009-06-11
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- So long story short I was traveling via US Airways from McCarran with a cat traveling, in cabin, with me (paid the pet fee and everything) the cat was drugged by a vet for the flight and was happily out of it and laying down, the carrier met airline specs and the cat fit in the carrier. When I got to the main check-in my cat wouldn't stand up (its understandable, Zanax makes humans not want to move) so they did not want to check-in the cat because they thought she couldn't stand up in the carrier (she could, I love my cat and she lives better than I do) I was traveling back to North Carolina and had already turned in my rental car so I asked them what I was supposed to do and the attendant said very curtly to "let her loose in the parking garage" and then snickered and turned to a security woman behind the counter and security said that "they'd let her loose and hope she was run over" and started laughing again and walked away. Now I understand that theres no way they could of known, but that cat adopted me at the same time I was pregnant with my son...once again long story short, the cats still here, my son is not.

But what they said tripped a nerve and I was so taken aback about the inhumane and uncaring way they were handling the situation that I told them I was not letting my cat loose in the garage and after me starting to cry (which I never do in public, ask my friends) and arguing with them another 5 minutes they finally said to goto the gate and leave it up to them. I had no issues at security (they were actually very nice and loved petting her at 6am) and the gate crew gave me no issues and let us onboard. I didn't even have any issues reboarding in Atlanta, on my plane change/layover. Once I had calmed down and got to Raleigh I considered calling McCarran and the SPCA but I figured they had a bad morning and to drop it.

It has been a year since then and it still haunts me to this day... like; If I have to travel with her again (moving back to vegas) will I have the same issues or will it be worse or how many other people have they done this too (or worse)
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Posted by David on 2009-06-11:
I'd also post this on flyertalk.com as they have a uS airways forum. I hate them with a passion and I can't imagine they would have said that to you, and I would be more than a little ticked off.
Posted by goduke on 2009-06-11:
This happened a year ago? If it's that big of a deal now (which it wasn't apparently then), call the airline.

I'm not in anyway saying what they did was proper (it clearly wasn't), but to take absolutely no action at the time (such as asking for a Supervisor at the counter or calling once you got home), raises the question of why you want action a year later.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-11:
You have more self control than I do, honey. I WOULD have taken the cat out of the carrier and thrown the carrier at the idiots who suggested it. Morons.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-11:
Dan, always sage advice. I believe Flyertalk though monitored, many not be the best site as its primary focus is the status traveler.
I think ID'ing the employee and writing the company may be the best approach - after a year...hum not so much.
Free drinks once again on US Dan.
Posted by D on 2009-06-11:
Given the fact that the poster is still bothered by the episode, I would let the airline know in no uncertain terms...
"Matilda" came to us as a stray and soon became our "kid" because ours are grown and gone out into the world but I can empathize with the poster...
The kitty becomes a member of the family and you have a real attachment...
Posted by D on 2009-06-11:
As a matter of fact, this old blastard choked up reading this post...
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-11:
I would probably have done the same thing as sherdy said..

I understand everybody doesn't love animals, but to me, that's just being mean to the passenger and their pet too. Frankly, I would have gotten both their names or badge numbers and gone into high gear about it.

Glad you both arrived safely. Extremely sorry about your son.
Posted by SpinnerDolphin78 on 2009-06-24:
Wow, that is horrible and unprofessional. Did you complain to the airport or US Air? They should know what poor professionals they have working with them. I too, am glad you both arrived safely and am very sorry about your son.

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