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Review by Been conned by Buddy Lloyd on 2009-06-14
SALISBURY, MARYLAND -- We started building our house 04-2002. We contracted Buddy Lloyd & Son, 816 Albert St Salisbury, MD 21804 - (410) 749-5660 to do the heating and air. They began installing 08-2004. The cost of the service was $16,500.00

The problem is they have never finished the job. What they have installed has been installed wrong and caused further problems. I have made numerous calls to them over the past 4 years and always get excuses. If they did come out they were here for a few minutes said the problems were fixed and left. They won’t return my calls, they won’t finish the job and I have run out of patience with them. The last time I called (05-29-2009) the secretary said ***** wasn’t available. I left a message with her and told her what I needed. She knew who I was immediately and stated it was my fault the job wasn’t finished. She said the carpet wasn’t in to put the grilles in ( the carpet didn’t need to be in to put the grilles where they were put), she said we had not moved in yet so why did we need heat etc. I have yet to get a call from *****. We have been in the house now for 3 years. We moved in 08-2006.

I had called a couple of HVAC companies to come and see if they could fix the problems and finish the job. When they got here they said most of the system wasn’t installed correctly to begin with. They stated I needed to get Buddy Lloyd back in to fix the problems and finish the job.

The pumps are running all the time and I am not getting heat or air in some of the rooms in my house. The one unit vibrates under my entry and has loosened my tiles. The third pump has never been started. My electric bill is way over $800.00 a month because the pumps are running constantly. The returns whistle. The condensate pump on one of the units has gone up.

I asked one of the companies to explain to me what needs to be done to finish the job. I wanted to know because I feel I have been taken by Buddy Lloyd and son.

Here is what they said they would do if it were their job.

Upstairs unit:

Refurbishing complete duct system, Changing return grilles, Lining returns, adding dampers where needed, & grille for bathroom.

1st floor main unit:

Refurbishing complete duct system, new condensate pump, changing return grilles, re-hang unit, dampers where needed, & re-work returns under the stairs.

1st floor kids area:

Start-up of unit, re-hang unit, refurbish complete duct system.

They said the whistling was because I wasn’t getting enough return air. The one unit is vibrating and that is why my tile is messed up. The units are suppose to last 15 years but with them running all the time like they are they won’t last to much longer. When they did work on it they left a mess in my attic with cigarette butts and coffee cups.

I want Buddy Lloyd to come in and finish this job as soon as possible. They have been paid $15,315.00. They have told me that I now owe $2,200.00 because the cost of material has gone up and late charges. We have a contract for 16,500.00 they have been paid 15,315.00 and the job has not been done properly or completely. It will cost me probably over $5,000.00 to get the job finished by someone else. I have paid enourmous electric bills for years because they won’t come finish this job. The shoddy work they have done has not equaled $15,315.00. I would like my tiles replaced because they would have been fine if the unit had been installed properly and in the proper place. As I see it now Buddy Lloyd & sons owes me money. I want them to do the job correctly. I want their work inspected to insure the work is done correctly. If they don’t want to finish the job I want them to refund the money it would take to have another company finish the job and fix my tiles. . The lies they have told, the way they have treated me, and the fact that they are trying to get more money out of me has made me loose trust in this company. I really don't know how he stays in business doing this to people.
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Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-06-14:
At this point your options are pretty simple. Have another company come out give you the estimate in writing as to how much it will cost to fix what they screwed up. Have them do the work and take the first company to court and sue them for the cost to fix it, electric bills, cost to fix the tiles and all of your lawyer fees and court costs. They won't come out so you have to get it fixed and then sue them. Good luck
Posted by Alain on 2009-06-14:
Keep up the good documentation. You might want to talk to an attorney to see if you need their services.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-14:
At this point I suggest hiring a lawyer and suing this company in civil court for a full refund for their shoddy work and for the collateral additional damages (such as the electric bills).
Posted by moneybags on 2009-06-14:
HVAC in most places must be done under a buildin permit and meet city/county code. Contact the permit department.

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