ShoesUnder.com Complaint - ShoesUnder a rip off! Bait and Switch

Review by Tiredandfrustrated on 2009-06-15
If you see the Shoes Under commercial or go to www.shoesunder.com and watch the ad, it is very cool looking. The sides and the slots are hard, stiff, looking... sturdy. They show you sliding this shoe compartment easily from under the bed. That's easy, because IT is hard on all sides, including the bottom. Stiff. Watch it. So, I ordered this because it thought it LOOKED so well made. I bought it for $10 and received a second one for shipping and handling only. When it came in the door, TWO Shoes Under products were in one box, about 10 inches long and 7 inches wide and 6-7 inches high. I pulled it out and it was made of cheap material with a zipped plastic clear top. The sides of each shoe section is cramped and folded up. Low and behold there was nothing that was stiff looking. It was a cheap back with slots. Thinking that it just needed to be filled with shoes, I put my shoes in and tried to pop up the sides. What a joke! And of course, because there is no sturdy sides, like shown on TV, there is NO SLIDING IT UNDER THE BED! It is more like a stuffing it under the bed... in a wad. I called them to complain because of course, because of the way that they do it, it would be no money back to return. It cost me $10 for 2. $7 times 2 for shipping and handling. $24 for the 2 but I only get a credit for the return of the product, no shipping and handling. Plus, I have to return it at my cost, so $10 minus $6 for shipping it back, I would get $4 back instead of $24 and a high level of irritation. I did call however, to complain and tell them this was ridiculous to think that someone would be happy to see THIS come in the door instead of what was advertised. The person on the phone apathetically said "what if I gave you a $5 credit on your card you charged with". I told him that I don't care what he does, but I do want my complaint voiced. The very next day, I got a sales call from the company Telebrands saying "thanks for purchasing their shoes under and would I like to buy their diamond earring". I told him he obviously did not get forwarded my complain, gave HIM an earful of the sorry product that was sent and told him (as he guessed) that you can take my name off any future phone calls.

Take it from me. Don't waste your money. Unless you want a FLOPPY back to throw your shoes in.... still not worth your money.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-15:
Not a bait & switch. I watched the ad from their web site. Nothing is said about it being sturdy, only a hard to understand "breathable material". It's cheap plastic. What can you expect for $10? The real money is made on the shipping and handling. When the s&h charge is more than the product itself, it's time to look elsewhere.

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