VerizonWireless Complaint - Verizonwireless lies and misslead customers

Review by marquita on 2004-05-09
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- It dosen't matter if you have been a customer with VerizonWireless for years, paying on time, or new, if you'r a customer they will treat you worthless. I have had an accout with them before it was Verizon it was Primeco. I had prepaid for a long time. One day they send me a letter being approved for monthly rate plans. So I think it has to be better than prepaid. Well thats how I became one of there suckers. VW does not give you the information that you should know. They did not tell me about roaming charges, Im thinking roaming or not its out of my minutes. They told me I need a plan for more minutes because I was going over my usage, nothing about roaming. So I did and had to extend my contract. Well then I get a bill for 980.00 I call and they tell me the same about roaming charges. I had to ask them what to do instead of them offering me the America Choice Plan. Im thinking thats going to help me save. Nope!! I have 2500 minutes free roaming, I dont even come close to going over my minutes no roaming charges, but the plan for 155.00 a month is what I was told but my bill averaged 250.00 a month. I lost my phone and had went to the VW store they made me call 800 number and had to file a police report, and pay 60.00 to have them mail me another phone. I didn't want to go thru all that so I bought me another phone and had to pay full price because my contract wasn't up. Years pass and my phone is damaged they made me do the same thing when they could of just gave a phone in the store. But this time I had to ship my old damaged phone and the accesories within amout of days or they would charge me 150.00 on my account. And for a fact they will fix the phone and sell it again. So I lost out paying full price, paying ins., and paying 60.00 to get a new one. I add another phone to the account for the family share plan for 145.00 a month well again my bill is average 260.00. and they charge you 20.00 for per line. ( I thought it was a family sharing plan )

There has to be some kind of guidelins VW has to go buy to their customer. If customer has to sign an agreement contract for a year or two, because its a so called promotional plan than my bill should be that and nothing more. When can they make you sign another contract? Because it seems if you add anything on your service that the customer has to pay extra for you have to extend your contract term. I don't even know why they have a customer service department, because there is no service to customers. It should be called service to ripp off customers.
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Posted by jonico on 2004-05-29:
Read the contract you signed. Roaming is expensive. If you want a plan that has no roaming, Verizon has it but it is expensive. Did you think they were going to let you add another phone to your bill and not charge you a monthly rate? Anyone would know better than that.
Posted by Palbert on 2007-08-08:
^agreed. the biggest problem with customers is they dont ever read contracts and then say "Oh they didnt tell me".

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