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The Dallas Morning News Complaint - 30% Price Increase since January 2009

Review by Disaster Worker on 2009-06-20
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I opened my Dallas Morning News quarterly bill this morning and almost gagged on my coffee. $90 for a 3 month subscription when the last quarter was $63.00 (30% increase). I then pulled statements for just the past 24 months to see that overall the price has increased by 43.34%. A little +6% twice, +10% once, then the whammy of 30%. Sure wish my salary had that kind of an increase!

So long, Dallas Morning News!

When my hard working paramedic husband came home this morning, I told him the new price.
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Posted by Ben There on 2009-06-20:
Reduced readership and a decline in ad dollars means newspapers have to increase the price to the customer to pay the bills or close shop. Several have opted for the latter.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-20:
Disaster Worker, same thing was happening with the L.A. Times (The Herald went OB some time ago). I stopped delivery, then a retention CSR called and offered me Thurs - Sun for $19.95 for a year. I grabbed it as I don't really have much time to read the Mon - Thurs editions anyway.

They will probably call you once you stop delivery with some sort of a sweet heart deal. (VH)
Posted by Disaster Worker on 2009-06-20:
UPDATE: You will love this! In my bill there was a letter from the Editor talking about all the good things the News is doing for their "valuable customers" and other things, ad nausem. Included in the letter (never mentions a price increase, by the way)was the Editor's email. I wrote him an email explaining why I'll be cancelling our 30 year long subscription, and this is his response:

"Thanks for writing and for eading the paper. I'm a journalist, not a sales guy. The marketing folks used one of my letters in the newspaper to send with the bill. Believe me if I had been asked to write about a price increase, I would have been very clear. In any case, a longtime subscriber like you ought to be subject to a discount. I've sent your note to a customer service rep. If you don't hear from them sooon, please let me know."

I answered back on my Blackberry, "So the letter is a marketing ploy? Interesting. Very interesting."

What liars! He's not even an editor. (Nice man, though, to answer me back!)
Posted by Ponie on 2009-06-20:
A few years back the two dailies in Detroit joined forces. Under a Joint Operating Agreement, just about everything was combined with the exception of two separate editorial boards. Effective March 1, 2009, they cut home delivery to Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. No reduction in price but--yippee!--subscribers can get the complete edition on non-delivery days online. Just not the same drinking your coffee while sitting at a computer desk or using a laptop. Furthermore, you can't line bird cages or wrap fish with a computer.
Posted by BoslyBuffy on 2009-07-31:
Dallas Morning News it's keep going up in pricing: 30% up in only 6 months....What a shame.........!!
Posted by old fart on 2009-07-31:
BFD... The Saginaw News cut it's printed edition to 3 days week and reduced the monthly cost by the munificent sum of ONE FRIGGIN' DOLLAR!... whoopie!!!

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