Shoppers Complaint - Am I asking too much?

Review by 73784 on 2009-06-20
The city of Toronto recently passed a by-law requiring all stores to charge five cents for a plastic bags. Not a big deal for me since I always try and carry a cloth bag anyway and I thought the only inconvenience would be paying a nickel when I forgot to bring a bag. However, it turns out that Shoppers interpreted the by-law to lower their level of customer service.
Before the by-law passed, cashiers at Shoppers occasionally rolled their eyes (really!) at me when I tried to use a cloth bag. Now that customers have to pay, I expected this reaction to go away. I still get the rolled eyes and worse, they no longer bag items for you when you're using a cloth bag.
I would pass it off as a one-time thing, or something that only happens at one particular location, but it happens all the time at every Shoppers I go to. This morning, I purchased about $100 worth of items and gave the cashier my cloth bag. I was then searching through my bag for my wallet and noticed that the cashier was piling everything up in a corner of the counter. She then told me to bag my own items.
I don't mind bagging my own items and I'll voluntarily do it sometimes, but today I happened to be juggling a number of items in my hands and didn't want to put anything on the floor because it was raining outside and the floor was wet. Was it really too much to ask that the cashier bag my items for me? Maybe it is...
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Posted by MRM on 2009-06-20:
When Im purchasing a $100 worth of food I would bring some boxes. In other note, only 5 more months to go till your wedding!!! Cant wait to hear about your wedding day and sharing some wedding pictures!
Posted by D. on 2009-06-20:
Do they bag them for people who buy the plastic bags? If they do, you might want to ask the reason. Other than that, as you said it's no big deal to bag your own...they rolled their eyes at you before and they do it now...not sure what it is you want.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-20:
I'm excited about the wedding MRM! We picked the bridesmaid dresses last week, I'll try and post a picture on my blog! DebtorBasher, they do bag for the people buying the plastic bags. I think it just irritates me that they have big signs in the store encouraging customers to bring their own bags and then they give you less service than they do to the customers who buy the bags. It is just an annoying little thing that I'm going to have to get used to, I guess.
Posted by Maggie on 2009-06-20:
I would call the store manager and ask what the policy is on bagging groceries for customers. And then I'd find out from their corporate office what the official policy is.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-21:
financially, that would bother me too. Why should you get less service than someone who is paying for their trash bags?

And I think that Maggie has a good idea about calling the store about what their official policy is..

I tried to find what their policy is online, but failed miserably..but I would guess that they are supposed to give the same service to customers that buy their bags as the ones who bring their own, and you just ran across a surly cashier. I hope so, anyway.

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