Island Grill Restaurant and Bar Wentworth, GA Complaint - Island Grill food made us sick/ Health Department needs to monitor

Review by Familyof4 on 2009-06-23
WENTWORTH, GEORGIA -- On June 22, 2009 we stopped at this restaurant/bar called Island Grill Restaurant and Bar in 7222 Ga Highway 21. Port Wentworth, GA 31407. The first impression wasn't great but we decided to give it a try. The restaurants walls were filty, dust hanging down from the roof and the bathrooms were filthy dirty with mildew in them and it stank bad. My son (8)blurted out to one of the servers “Why does it stink so bad in here?” There was leaking water in the ladies bathroom on the floor. The server responded "Maybe because it's hot in here" ???

I ordered the "special" Steak Burger with rice and green beans and it was HORRIBLE (Hospital food is gourmet compared to this food). The food was cold and old tasting. I gave my uneaten plate to the waitress and decided to take a bite of my husbands Steak and Cheese sandwich and got sick from all the grease and excess salt in it. The manager had to give me and my husband tums because we were ill. When it was time to pay the manager did not want to credit our food and instead offered a 25% discount for food that made us sick. Very bad customer service and attitude.

The waitress was great "Heather" and I felt bad for her because she didn't get tipped because of the rudeness and lack of professionalism of her manager. She can take it up with the cook who looked like he hadn't bathe in 3 days. Totally sickening experience. This is the kind of person they have preparing peoples food. OMG.

Eat at your own risk. The waitress had mentioned that we were her 3rd complaint of the day concerning the excess salt in the food. Hmmmmmmm That should give the owner a clue that something is not right. Train your cook or hire one who knows what he is doing.

I guess as a bar it could work for someone who has already had lunch or dinner and doesn't mind filthyness. Best of luck!

That restaurant is definitely Health Department material. I’m surprised they are still open.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-23:
Why did you not go with your "first impression?" If I saw the walls were filthy, what did you think the rest of the restaurant would be like?
Posted by shayen on 2009-06-23:
The waitress was great but yet you stiffed her because of issues that were beyond her control. That is really intelligent of you. You further demostrate your intelligence when you talk about how disgusting the place is but yet ate there anyway. NO SYMPATHY HERE!
Posted by B. on 2009-06-23:
1. Why would you after seeing how dirty and filty the place was actually sit down and order?
2.Why on earth would you take it out on the poor waitress who in your words did a great job, by not tipping her?
3.Not helpful
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-23:
Bargod +1.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-23:
Did you report the place to the Health Dept?...if it's that nasty it's your moral obligation to do so. Personally, I would have turned around and walked right back at of there.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-06-23:
i agree with ms-wrong. if it was as bad as you claim, did you file a report with the local health department? did you actually end up sick and seek medical attention?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-23:
So MEAN to stiff your waitress when she did a good job! I'm appalled at your rationale.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-06-23:
I'm siding with the others as far as stiffing the waitress. That was just rude if she was the only good part of the restaurant.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-23:
I agree with what everyone else is saying here. I will never understand why folks stay to eat someplace they say they noticed was filthy the second they walked in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-23:
Unless my server drops food in my lap on purpose, I always tip very well, even if the food sucks. They didn't cook it so why take it out on them?
Posted by Pepper on 2009-06-23:
raven - well i've done it but... only cos there really wasn't cleaner around. the entire town was pretty much the same.

i did draw the line when i was in albania. i refused to eat at any restaurant where it smelled like raw sewage around the building...

tho i'm betting the "stink" the OP complained of ... was nothing compared to the plethora of smells i was introduced to in *that* country.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-23:
Why in the world would you stay and eat at such a filthy establishment. And you stiff the waitress out of a Gratuity that’s lame.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-23:
This just stanks.
Posted by Jennifer on 2009-06-24:
I agree with the other comments about stiffing the waitress and not walking out when you saw the unkempt cook and filthy walls. I also have to add that your dinner SOUNDS disgusting-a burger with rice and green beans? Blech.

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