Tempe Toyota Complaint - Unprofessional Behavior and Unethical Sales Tactics.

Review by Anonymous on 2004-05-18
TEMPE, ARIZONA -- Do not go to this dealer if you are an informed buyer. We were in the market for a new 4-Runner. The salesman was sweet as pie up to the point where they gave us their offer which was sticker plus they were ripping us on our trade-in even stooping to show us a Kelly Blue Book Internet Print Out for a vehicle that was in horrible shape hoping we wouldn't notice. When we told them the offer was not what we were willing to pay they asked us the typical "what could they do to get us to buy today" when we told them the salesman snapped in the middle of a busy showroom in front of customers and employees alike while we stood there dumbfounded. We were actually called "Stupid" and "Crazy" and were told we had just wasted his (the salesman's time, (translated: You weren't the suckers I thought I had guess I won't be eating steak tonight.) He then proceeded to tell us no dealer would accept our price and we should get real, (we've bought a dozen cars in 20 years and conducted business the same way without a problem. If a car dealer didn't accept our offer in the past we moved on to the next until we made the deal). We were told we better go outside and walk around the 4Runner and reconsider our ridiculous offer to which I replied "if you will just give us back our keys we can both get on with our day" He yells at that point "Oh I guess I'm the bad guy in all of this!" "You guys can obviously afford this so why are you trying to screw me?" After all this he storms into the managers bullpen and walks straight out the back door. Now you would think the manager would apologize wouldn't you? No, he told us we've bought cars before and we should know better, where did we get off making such an offer? Bottom Line: Tempe Toyota was THE WORST and THE STRANGEST experience in our lives! If you enjoy being embarrassed in public, belittled and strong armed into buying a vehicle go here otherwise STEER CLEAR!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-19:
So just how ridiculous was your offer?
Posted by dag44 on 2004-06-12:
Follow up to my story above on Tempe Toyota: To put it short we went to Right Toyota in Scottsdale and purchased exactly what we wanted, without hassle for the same price Tempe Toyota told us no other dealer would accept our offer for and told us we were stupid and crazy to offer. The moral to this story? Be informed and stick to your price after researching on the internet and Edmunds.com Also good to know, go into the dealer with a printout from Edmunds.com for your trade-in. The dealer will show you Kelly Blue Book but it is biased towards dealers and does not include all options on your vehicle and you will get low-balled everytime, Edmunds does have all the options. Don't buy on impulse and be prepared before going in. Also realize that Toyota dealers as do most dealers have a 2% dealer holdback which means in addition to everything else they are getting more money back from the manufacturer on the vehicle they just sold because the manufacturer refunds them some of the money they paid to hold the car in their inventory. THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU THIS! Report all your dealings with car dealers so that they have a harder time pulling the wool over future customers eyes!
Posted by dag44 on 2004-06-12:
To dealerdirect: We payed close to dealer invoice not MSRP (Sticker Price) The same offer layed on the table at both dealerships!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-06-14:
DAQ44: Good Job!! Your offer included a fair profit for the dealer. Great advise, the only thing I can caution others on when researching prices on the internet is to understand values of vehicles may differ in different regions of the country (ie: a convertible may be worth more in Florida rather than New England). Good Luck and enjoy your new truck!!

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