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Review by S on 2009-07-01
I recently discovered a Trojan malware/virus on my home laptop that used a file named "el32.dll".

Typically I remove them myself by using my anti-virus software or search the web for a solution.

In this case, I was stuck. I kept removing it, and it kept coming back. One product I found online claimed they could fix it, but their product was like $20 for a annual subscription. I was quite skeptical to pay for a product that was claiming to fix exactly my problem. I ended up reading a very positive review from PC World regarding this Prevx software, so I pulled the trigger.

It scanned my machine, found the problem... and offered to fix it. But it didn't work! The malware came back after I rebooted. I tried cleaning it in safemode, still no luck.

After hacking around for a few hours, I was about to give up and request a refund from Prevx. I left them a message complaining that their product advertised it would fix this, and it didn't work. They replied and requested I send them the log file from the scan. I uploaded it to their support site. The next day I check my support ticket, they wanted to connect to my PC and troubleshoot. Cool I thought, that is great service. They were based in London, so we coordinated a time the next day.

The next day I sent them an updated message letting them know I was ready, and within minutes they sent me a link to load the remote-connection program to help them troubleshoot. I installed it easily, and they support guy (Dave) was talking with me in a chat window instantly. I gave him permission to take a look at my laptop remotely, and he went to work.

He spent almost an hour fighting this malware, while I watched the entire time... learning lots in the process. In the end he got my computer cleaned and in the process, earned a customer for life. I was very impressed with how much effort they put into helping a single customer who only paid $20 for a one-year subscription. I was very grateful, and I plan on recommending them to my friends and family whenever I can.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-01:
Now THAT's what customer service is supposed to be! Great review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-01:
That does speak well for them. These kind of viruses are a beeyatch to remove because every time you boot they install a new copy of themselves with a new name. I am guessing that this guy watched the processes and updated their program with the new names, and killed the virus.

Thanks for a good post.
Posted by saj80 on 2009-07-01:
My netbook had the same virus, and I ended up trying to wipe out the hard drive and reformat, as my tech told me this would work. It didn't, the annoying little popup warning still exists, so I may try this approach.
Posted by S on 2009-07-01:
Thanks everyone. Glad it was helpful.

Saj80 - The guy from Prevx said this malware was related to a file called userini.exe, which was suppose to be userinit.exe.

He ended up marking that file (userini.exe) as bad, and letting Prevx fix and replace it with a good copy.

He did a bunch of other stuff in the registry as well. Hopefully they can help you out.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-01:
often times, these companies use this trouble shooting to correct future issues. it was really beneficial for you to allow them control of your laptop.

very helpful.
Posted by MRM on 2009-07-01:
Thanks for the tip, Sparticus! I personally dislike paying subscriptions on softwares.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-01:
sparty, at first i saw 'pervy', and that got my immediate attention!!

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