Fleet Credit Card Complaint - illegal use of credit card permitted

Review by Maggie on 2004-05-20
We have been a Fleet card holder for probably 10 years or more, and we have great credit ratings. However, to protect ourselves, we check via Internet every few days to see our balances and to be sure that all the charges are ours. Because of this, we caught two fraudulent charges placed on our account for Sprint. I called Sprint, and they credited the charges immediately, but we still put a hold on our acct so it could not be used until we were sure things were taken care of properly.

In a few days we got a call from Fleet asking if a long list of charges equalling over $1200 were ours. They said they were things waiting for approval, they were not yet on our account. I told them that they were absolutely not our charges, they may not be put on our acct, and they were to close my account immediately and not open a new one. She said it was policy to open a new one. I said I didn't care about their policy, I did not want a new acct in my name at this time.

Well, another billing cycle went by, and we began getting bills (with a NEW acct number) with many charges on them. Then we began getting phone calls for being overdue in our payments. We had, obviously, quit using the card, so we couldn't possibly have anything past due. Also, the acct number was not our account number--they had done as I said not to do, and they opened a new acct and moved the fraudulent charges and more to it!

Now, I told them to close the acct. They did, but they opened a new one and moved everything to it. Duh............. They still refuse to take my name off that account and put it in the name of their fraud department. I have gone through the BBB, and Fleet simply refuse to do this.

Summary: Fleet allowed to go onto my account charges that I told them were not mine, and the charges were made AFTER I put a hold on my acct. Then Fleet opened an acct in my name without my signature or permission; in fact, they were told by me not to do it. Then they moved the fraudulent charges to this new unauthorized account.

This is not the kind of company I care to deal with, and I hope others who are presently with them will heed this warning and not use them either. Maggie
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Posted by Maggie on 2004-06-17:
Just a quick update. After all sorts of letter writing through the BB, etc., I again wrote to Fleet without a mediary. This time, thanks to the Internet, I wrote a letter directed to the CEO of that division as well as the head of their legal dpt and a couple of others, with "Personal Mail" written on each envelope. I am pleased to say that Fleet has responded by phone this day, June 17, 2004, and said my name has been removed from their account. One small victory, but it is a victory. Maggie
Posted by gnere on 2004-07-09:
Hi Maggie,
Somehow, I am on the same boat... Need help with similar problem regarding my Fleet Visa Card. Will it be possible for you to email me the contact information of Fleet Fraud Department????

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