Parkhill Jewelry Complaint - Worst Jewelry Store EVER

Review by Mrs Pro on 2009-07-05
EPHRATA, PENNSYLVANIA -- In 2002, my husband picked out what he thought was the "perfect" engagement ring, that came with matching wedding band. From the beginning, the rings quality was very bad! After MULTIPLE repairs and complete "overhauls", we tried to have new rings made early 2009, (as per instructed by the jewelry stores owner...[snip]). Upon attempt # 1 to pick up the brand new set of rings, again, they were VERY POORLY made. The owner was very rude, and only offered to "try" again. Well....needless to say, the rings again are not well made! I am now told that the "SUPPOSED" original stone that my husband picked out, "wasn't cut straight and that my husband didn't pay for a perfect diamond". He then offered get a perfect diamond, at a cost "much higher than what my husband paid." And, then I was told rings are "as good as there gonna get", and that I am "the only one who doesn't think the rings are beautiful". WELL......MULTIPLE HIGH QUALITY jewelry stores and appraisers agree with me Mr. [snip]!!!! Also, upon being told that I wished to return the poor quality rings and part ways, Mr. [snip] called me names that are not even aloud on this website! He is rude to customers and his wonderfully honest employees! He, as well as his products are BELOW the minimal standards that any consumer deserves!

This jewelry store is over priced,has very poor quality products and I would STRONGLY recommend against any considerations to make any kind of purchase there! My experience was so horrible and devastating, I am looking into legal action! BEWARE OF THIS CROOK!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-05:
What was the clarity of the diamond? The clarity ranges from F (flawless) to I3 (Included #3). The clarity measures obvious inclusions to no inclusions. What was the color? D is the clearest, most pure diamond. The color ranges all the way to Z which is yellowish and cloudy in color. With any diamond you buy you should get a certificate that states the clarity and color of the diamond. If you bought a cheaper diamond with poor color and clarity, then you have no room to complain. If you bought a near perfect or flawless dimaond, then you have a valid complaint. Also, certain cuts of diamonds can make any inclusions stand out more.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-05:
I wish you had posted a picture. Without seeing the rings its hard to say what happened.

What I do wonder is if they couldn't do the "multiple repairs" and "overhauls" to your satisfaction, why you would trust them to do a ring set build. Doesn't make sense.
Posted by Mrs Pro on 2009-07-06:
The clarity and color aren't the problem! It's the cut....it's a marq. cut diamond, and the issue is supposedly the diamond was "cut thicker on one side than the other". There was no way of noticing the cut, untill the new set was made (the stone is raised higher, with a marq cut diamond on either side). Also, the prongs which hold the stones are very uneven, the "gerdle's" thickness varies significantly, and the wedding bands thickness also varies. And the wedding band has "notches" place so the engagement ring should fit together with the band, however, the notches show the "crooked" placement of the diamonds on the engagement ring, and the uneven thickness of the gerdle.
Posted by Jennifer on 2009-07-06:
My word!
Posted by bearspa on 2010-09-26:
Obviously it is greatly disappointing to purchase something that may have problems with it. I also am aware that many people receive jewelry gifts and are told they are of a certain value when in fact the purchaser has been limited in what he can spend but asks for the best deal possible. Then the jeweler does his best to accommodate the order. The problem comes when something is not to the satisfaction of whoever received it. The jeweler then is in a bind trying to remain discreet and not revealing that he was bound by price and did the best he could. It is extremely interesting all the ways in which the jeweler attempted to remedy the lady's complaints but nothing seems to satisfy her. IS she a perfectionist and has standards no one can meet. If so good luck to her husband. Sorry she can't find satisfaction.

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