maximum-beauty.com Complaint - Scammed me

Review by Anonymous on 2004-05-24
I ordered and paid for some eye cream and they never sent it, nor will they answer my many emails or phone calls. Original order follows:

Thank you for selecting the 'Maximum Beauty Supply Store' to purchase your personal grooming & beauty care products. We have received your recent secure online purchase order and have provided you with a detailed receipt below.

If you paid for your Maximum Beauty Store order by 'Secure Online Personal Check' (U.S. Orders Only), we will begin preparing your order for distribution, upon verifying that bank check funds are available for the 'purchase order receipt' below.

If you are paying for your Maximum Beauty Store order via 'Secure Online Credit Card Payment Service'. we will begin preparing your order for distribution, upon verifying your payment information concerning the 'purchase order receipt' below.

Upon receiving and processing the payment for your purchase order below, the Maximum Beauty Store Distribution Staff, will begin fulfilling your order. We 'DO NOT' process any purchase order until payment is received & verified by our 'Secure Online Check & Credit Card Payment Services'.

Once the Maximum Beauty Store Distribution Staff begins the initial preparation of your purchase order, you may use your 'Order Confirmation-Tracking Number' located below to obtain updates on the status or progress of your secure online purchase order. Simply return to the Maximum Beauty Store and use the 'Order Status Request Form', located at:


The shipping and handling of orders being delivered throughout continental North America take from 3 business days up to 21 business days, not including weekends - This simply depends on the specific location of the order recipient and the availability of the particular products requested. Periodically, a manufacturer may not have anticipated the popularity of certain products - in those very rare circumstances, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. International customers, please refer to our 'Store Policy Page' for further information on current overseas shipping guidelines, fees & timetables.

We cannot accept order cancellations now that the purchase order has been placed, as it has already entered the initial stages of being processed by a secure accounting system that prompts the distribution process to take immediate action on the order the moment payment in full for that order is verified. When you place an order with us, we (and the law) consider it a binding contractual request by you for our services, as part of the 'Electronic Signature Act' passed by majority in US Congress and signed into law by President Clinton, June 2000. Please visit our Store Policy Page.

We only allow return of products, purchased through our services, if the product is 'verified' damaged in shipping, defective or you were shipped the wrong product - otherwise, per U.S. Federal & State regulations, all personal care product sales are final. In approved product return circumstances, only product replacement or store credit will be issued at our sole discretion. We provide no cash or credit refunds for items returned to us. Please visit our Store Policy Page.

To protect our customers & prevent online fraud, we absolutely 'DO NOT' give out your email address or personal information to any other company or third party.

'DO NOT' reply to this email, it will 'NOT' be read and you 'WILL NOT' receive a reply as this email is a computer generated invoice.

HOTMAIL.COM email queries sent to our customer service department will be rejected by our server to prevent internet fraud. Please use your legitimate email account when communicating with MAXIMUM-BEAUTY.COM Staff.

In your service,
Maximum Beauty Supply Store

Worldwide Beauty Store - Purchase Order Received ( Awaiting Payment Confirmation):

Order Confirmation/Tracking Number:
Shipping Information (Check For Errors):

Billing Information (Check For Errors):


Order Information (Check For Errors):

$30.50 Qty. 1 #khl-eye-05: Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado - 0.4 oz. Jar

$30.50 Subtotal in USD

$5.00 US & Military Shipping Fees

$35.50 Order Total

Beware doing business with these people, I never got this!!!
Comments:9 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-11-24
Posted by c1mag2002 on 2004-06-15:
I have been scamed by them as well. Almost the same exact thing has happened to me. I made a purchase for my mother for some hair color in May and now it is well over 30 days and still no hair color. I've tried emailing them but they never respond. I left a message on some phone line they provided and then went to call them after they didn't respond and they have now taken the phone number off the website. I am so angry that I am calling the National Fraud center tomorrow and placing and formal complaint. I hope you don't mind but I will be using your post to support that others have been treated in this manner as well. This company needs to be put out of business as soon as possible. Sincerely, M.
Posted by DebF on 2004-07-03:
I too was scammed by maximum-beauty.com - to the tune of $22.00. Please report this problem - it's people like this that spoil the Internet for all. Report all fraud!
Posted by homeboyrich on 2004-07-07:
add me to the list of people screwed by maximum-beauty.com. they took my money, but no product, and they ignore all email to their customer service email address!!

boycott PayPal sites!!!! they are supporting this FRAUDulent company!!

the National Fraud center is next. screw you maximum-ugliness.com!!!
Posted by kltaylor on 2004-07-12:
Yeah, maximum-beauty.com scammed me too, for $65. I placed an order on May 26, 2004; it's now July 11, the products haven't been delivered, and maximum-beauty is ignoring my emails.
Posted by Jendy on 2004-12-22:
And yet one more peson who paid over $40 for merchandise I never got. No way to contact them via phone, no one responding to e-mails. I am so mad! What have you others done to seek resolution?
Posted by globalres on 2010-10-22:
globalres (22/10/2010)
The same has happened to me. Placed an order on Aug 8th this year - nothing has arrived - almost 3 months later. No replies to emails! Disgusting behaviour! Fraud!!!
Posted by Totally Disgusted 2010 on 2010-11-15:
I too was scammed. I placed my order on 8/14/10 and still no product. My order was only $22 but its the principle of the matter. I have reported it to the BBB but have not had anyone contact me. I cannot get them to respond to my email and the phone just tells you to email them. Ugh!
Posted by glowgirl on 2010-11-24:
Maximum Beauty Supply Store, formerly Worldwide Beauty, ripped me off - TWICE. The first time, shame on them. The 2nd time...I guess I should have known better (although the order was much smaller). This is the only site where I could find a particular kind of haircolor (Garnier Nutrisse Luscious Mango) and now I know why Maximum Beauty has it when no one else does. It is because this company never intends to send you your order! Forget about emailing....you'll never hear back from anyone and checking your order status is a waste of time (now I get an error message when I try to send via their website). The phone number they give for "customer service" goes directly to voice mail. It's been a long time since I tried calling, but I think the message instructs you to email them. In other words, you are chasing your tail. I want to warn people about them and also ask if there is anyone to whom I can complain who will shut this site down. Does anyone know who to contact? In the meantime, don't order anything from them!
Posted by glowgirl on 2010-11-24:
To fill out a complaint against this company, go to: http://www.fraud.org/
It's the website for National Consumer's League Fraud Center. I've tried to submit their form, but unfortunately, I keep getting an error message. But I'll keep trying! This is the only way to shut this place down, so please fill out the form. Thanks!

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