Canadian Government Employment insurance Services Complaint - Horrible EI Services

Review by wolf15900 on 2009-07-09
Hey everyone. I'm sure you been in this postion before. trying to apply for EI and won't let you. Well I gotta blow off steam and get this out because this is BS... I applied for EI back in June 07 2009 and 2 weeks later they said I did not have enough hours. I had 889 of 910. so I went and got an R. O.E. from a place I worked at that wasn't electronicly submited. had 252 hours to it. so I took it to SERVICE Canada and submitted it. well few weeks down the road they call me asking why I had 2 cases open. I said that I submitted an ROE. so they said they would get ahold of me about it when they get it. Today they called asking about it. what happened is back in September 2008 I quit work to go to school in a town thats 3 hours drive from where I lived and worked. I went to school and then got a job in the city 1/2 hour from where I used to live and work. anyways because I Quit work for school they will NOT allow the 252 hours to be allowed to be added for applying for EI. so here I am 1month and few days from when I got layed off with no income and truck and Insurance payments. because they won't take my hours from the one job that I left for to go to school I am now unable to get EI. and her I thought the Government would be willing to help those who went to school but I'm actually being punished for leaving my job to go to school. how is that for our most favourite government?? and hey if anyone has an idea that can help me please let me know.

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