Three Rivers Healthcare,(aka's) Lucy Lee,Tenet Healthcare Systems,Poplar Bluff R Complaint - Severe Hospital Neglect,Betrayal and Deceit - Purposely Lied & Kept Me Apart From My Stillborn Daughter!

Review by IcyFire on 2004-05-24
POPLAR BLUFF, MISSOURI -- I went to this hospital because I had to have induced labor with my first child. I had my baby there and she was stillborn. My husband & mother both later told me that when the doctor handed my daughter to a nurse, she placed my baby into a tin tub that was filled with bloody tissues - as if she were TRASH!! To make a long story short, I was promised that my daughter's photos would be taken, and that the nurses' would bring my daughter to me so I could spend what little time with her that I could. I repeatedly asked throughout my overnight stay that both my baby and her pictures be brought to me, only to be told "in a minute" or completely ignored. Around 2 a.m. that night, a nurse came into my room & I then demanded that I be allowed to hold my daughter. This nurse told me that the funeral home had already picked her up! I then asked for her photos and was told that no photos were taken of her!
The next day my husband & I had to make the funeral arrangements,and while at the chapel, I asked the owner himself when exactly did they pick up my daughter & why wasnt I informed. He told me that he had NOT picked my baby up until just a few hours ago! The hospital had not even contacted him about it until I was released! So my baby was there the entire night, and the hospital outright lied to me about her. Thanks to them, I have no memories of my baby! They had absolutely NO RIGHT to keep me away from her or to lie to my face about things that should have been done, that I asked countless times to be done and that were promised to be done; but were not!
I have called Three Rivers numerous times asking for an explaination over the way I was treated, they just tell me to call another department and then I'm directed to voice mails of different people, none of who have ever once bothered to return my calls! Over two months ago I wrote a formal letter to the hospital and their headquarters in California, they have yet to respond to my letter whatsoever, not even an apology!!
I refuse to let this hospital get away with what they have done, NO mother should have to endure what I have, we are talking about my baby here!!
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Posted by Jeanette on 2004-05-30:
I am shocked that they would do that to you! Nobody should have to endure what you went through. I strongly suggest that you sue them for emotional damages, if you win, maybe no other mothers will have experience what you have. You might want to even consider going to the media. You have my deepest, heartfelt sympathies. Good luck in getting justice!
Posted by rmsk on 2004-06-01:
I am so sorry for the way you and your family were treated.
It is inexcusable.
I am sorry for your loss.
Posted by justUNbelievable on 2004-06-01:
My friend who works in insurance says call the health department. I think you have enough facts and witnesses for a law suit!! When you wrote to the hospital, was it addressed to the CEO? Send it certified to the CEO with a copy to the attorney general and the local paper!! That is horrid and heinous treatment! You have rights!!! I've heard of similar occurrences!!
Posted by sallys on 2004-07-15:
This incident must have devasted you. My heartfelt prayers are with you. The healthcare field are full of non-caring individuals. Dollar signs fill their eyes and have hardend their once caring heart. I encourage you to keep up your fight to get to the bottom of this. Good luck and God Bless you and your family.
Posted by minx on 2004-11-30:
Sorry for your horrible loss and as a nurse I apoligize to you for such apaulling treatment. Get a lawyer out of your state, lawyers in state will sell you out, they all work for the hospitals but will tell you they don't. You have witnesses and paperwork though the funeral home. All my prayers

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