Speedy Transmission Complaint - I think Speedy Transmission in Knoxville, TN Scammed me!

Review by naturekitty on 2009-07-10
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- When I took my car to Speedy Transmissions at 418 S Northshore Dr Knoxville, TN, the only thing wrong with it is that the gears between 3rd and 4th slipped a little if I was driving up a steep hill. They did a computer check and said that there was just minor work that needed to be done, told me they could finish it the next day and gave me a reasonable quote ($450). The next day we called and they said a different part was now broken and it would take another day of work and now the cost was $800 max. The day after that the transmission all of a sudden needed to be totally rebuilt ($2500 now) and it would take at least 3 more days to fix. They didn't call us but waited until the end of the day when we called them to tell us this. At this point, they will not give me my car back for less that $700 and that is with the whole thing taken apart. It's funny how the car was running fine with a minor problem before I took it to these (in my opinion) scam artists. I think that the guy either broke something when he went to fix it and doesn't want to confess, or they were planning to scam me the entire time. They actually told me when I dropped it off that there was no way the transmission needed to be rebuilt and that it was a minor problem.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-11:
if you have the original quote in writting, then contact the local attorney general. this is typical of this type of scam. once they have your vehicle in pieces, the price changes and you are left hopeless.
Posted by naturekitty on 2009-07-20:
After agreeing to pay over $700 to get my car back from this place, they then had to buy the transmission back from the junkyard they sold it to (without my permission). This is crazy! When I got the car back it had no transmission fluid in it and "Brown" said they didn't seal any of the gaskets, so it won't even hold the fluid. They gave us only a few hours to come get the car before they closed for the weekend and threatened to charge us a daily rate if we didn't get it that day.

When all this started we drove the car to Speedy, but we had to have it towed out of there as the car is completely undrivable now. Beware of the disclaimer they make you sign that says they don't have to return the car to you in as decent of a condition as you left it with them, and make sure you only agree to things you have in writing with this place.

Another mechanic I have since talked to says the original problem was most likely a faulty sensor and none of this should have happened.

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