RadAir Complaint - Cheaper is not better

Review by 62275 on 2009-07-10
AKRON, OHIO -- So, 11 months ago I had two estimates done for a new brake job on my 99 Toyota Corolla. The estimate I had at RadAir was cheaper, and it being an older car, I decided it would be in my best interest not to put a ton of money into it. I decided to use RadAir.

Bad idea. My brakes were done, I was charged $373, and as I was pulling out of the parking lot, the car made a squeaking noise. I pulled back in and it was explained to me that they were new, to expect it for a while. I wasn't pushing the brake pedal, they squeaked when the wheels were turning.

I took the car back a month later. In rain, in heat, in the morning, at night, my brakes inconsistently squeaked when the car was in motion. I was told by the manager that I don't do enough high way driving. They put the car up on the rack, did something to it...it stopped squeaking-for about two days.

I took the car back again, and he again told me I wasn't doing enough with my car. The brakes had a one year warranty on them, but his first instinct was to blame me. They didn't look at it this time. Stupid me, I should have insisted.

It's my fault I didn't go back again after that, but I figured they would eventually stop making noise if I did enough driving.

They never did. When I traded the car in on a 2009 Honda two days ago, they asked me about the brakes and told me it was the worst they had ever seen, that they, RadAir, had removed something called shims? I have no idea...anyway, I got knocked a little on my trade-in because they have to redo the brakes, rotors and all.

I wish I would have taken my car to Montrose Toyota. I always got great service there. As for RadAir, I take partial responsibility for not pushing the issue, but being made to feel it was my fault and I wasn't doing enough to "break in" the brakes was theirs. The lousy job they did on them was also theirs. Spend a little more, use a dealership or someone more reputable than RadAir.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-11:
Congrats on the new ride sherdy!
Shims are basically a ten cent piece that keeps the brake pads and rotors from banging against each other.
I'd say RadAir is pretty poor if they left you like that.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-11:
great review.

there is a spray you can get from an auto parts store. you spray it on the brakes and rotors, and it will quite the noise. i have heard this can happen if the rotors are not 'turned'. the new pads are thicker, and the old grooves on the rotors are what is rubbibg.
Posted by D. on 2009-07-11:
I stopped going to our RadAir because they are waaaay overpriced. But hey, I DID get a little sample sized bag of Famous Amos Chocolete Chip cookies for about $1,000.00 out of it!

I stopped going to those commercial places that hire fly by night mechanics...and have been going to a small Mom and Pop family place who have been in business for several generations and know their business.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-11:
Nice review, sherdy. I don't know if they have these places around here, but I don't be using one if they do...
Posted by D. on 2009-07-11:
LOL...the mailman just delivered some coupons to me for RadAir...they made a quick trip to the trash.

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