CHARTER ONE Complaint - Unbelievable Racket in Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by justUNbelievable on 2004-05-26
12065, NEW YORK -- I am just so flabbergasted that I can't even begin to lay out a scenario for you readers. Don't fall for the "Free/ No Fee" bull crap, Please! I am an expert in what happens. I will enclose my original complaint to them because it summarized my experience somewhat logically, given the circumstances. In a nutshell, I fell for the no fee/ free this and free that bologney Charter One likes to FALSELY advertise!! WELL!!! Did that ever become a rapid descent into hell!!! You just won't believe the audacity they have, to put down other banks when they, themselves, stole every last penny from my opening balance!!!!!!!!!! Just unbelievable!! Unbelievable Gall!! They switched my account to some fee-bearing account without my permission and went on a rampage chipping away at my balance!!! UNTIL IT WAS ALL GONE!! I kid you not!!! Do not fall for their lines!! "Is your bank squeezing fees out of you? We bet they are." OH PLEASE!!!!!!
Just unbelievable AUDACITY TO give me a "free" gift- HA! Yeah, we know about those Free Gifts!!! I paid for everyone else's free gift. And then that bank set itself to work emptying my account, while disregarding my attempts to remove what was left while I still thought I had a chance to recover about 63% of it!! Oh well!! That was IGNORED!! OH WELL, GOT THE FEDS ON THEIR TAIL!! Here's the original if I have room!:

Local Charter One Branch: None Provided
Customer wants help with: Other

Customer comments:
I truly must hand it to you. You lure people in with your "turn fee into
free" advertising and then set yourselves to work withdrawing that new
customer's balance!!! You are just the most Amazing Masters of Deception I
have Ever seen!!! I am returning your "free" gift to me. It wasn't free!
It cost me my entire opening balance. Check your records, sir or ma'am, I
wrote a letter requesting a withdrawal and closure of my account once I
realized what you were up to and swiped a full 27% of my opening balance!!
It was ignored, at your main branch. Incidentally, you are being reported
to a consumer reporting agency for this shoddy and fraudulent scheme your
bank is running. I will join any suit made against you and I tell EVERYONE
about my experience of being ripped off by you! Thank you for absolutely
nothing more than an experience of disgust. You really ought to be ashamed
of yourselves with this false advertising! You switched my account without
my knowledge and permission, which has been reported to banking
authorities, and your bank refused to allow me to withdraw the remainder
of what your bank didn't steal from me at the time. Please stop your
false gimmicks and please resolve my issue of disappearing funds. You are
wrong. And you have been reported. Now I only want to hear from the upper
management regarding this truly ridiculous situation! My partner, C.T., has my authority and permission to take my calls and handle you
people on the subject of your questionable ethics in business practices.
Again, I thank you for nothing. Sincerely, Pearl P.
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2004-07-01
Posted by bill on 2004-05-26:
I am wondering if a minimum balance is required for the free service and if you kept that minimum in the account.
Posted by S on 2004-05-29:
I "use" to have an account with Charter One. No ATM fees, no checking fees. Then some policies changed. I started getting charged like crazy for ATM fees. When I talked to them about it, they said they would move me into a new account to fix the problem. A few weeks later the ATM fees were still piling on! I went back again, and they said they did not have an account that I could move to for avoiding the fees. Even with having more than the minimum required! Needless to say I no longer bank with them.
Posted by ChowderHead on 2004-06-04:
This company should be put out of business. Their fees are horrendous & come out of nowhere.
Posted by justUNbelievable on 2004-07-01:
Minimum opening balance= $50.00.

I withrew nothing. They withdrew it all!

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