Vitality 12 and VerifyYourOrder Informative - Here is what I have learned...

Review by FreedJoe on 2009-07-16
Here is what I have learned. A company called VerityYourOrder is a call center that is used by Purity 12. They try to give as little information about their company and of any clients including Purity 12. Acai Berry Pro is the product that we Advanced Wellness Research is the associated product that everyone keeps talking about as the combined product that apparently everyone learned about on OPRAH.

This all really bad both marketing, customer service and bait/switch tactics. First, they are two different companies but somehow VerifyYourOrder knows about the product and the associated company and "other" call service center. Acai is based in Florida while Purity 12 is in Utah.

I am betting that Verify 12 is not a lot different than a colon cleanse that can be bought at Trader Joes or Whole Foods for $6.00.

I am speaking with the manager of customer service who identify herself as [snip] after speaking with [snip] 1123.

This is a total scam.

[snip] offered to put through a credit and as I write this is now negotiating for me not to publish this complaint. Fallon is stating that she would also put through credit if I did not submit the complaint and then told me the charge that was stopped today would count as the charge that was cancelled. Even though the last person Julia 877-300-6125 text 1123 told me I was not charged for the 7/17 charge and that I was also credited for the 6/17 charge. Then she told me the charge was stopped. Then she told me that she is a call center that is hired by Purity 12.

Here's what I have learned. Purity 12 has no real center of operation according to [snip] that she can give out. She cannot say where she is located and the address or Purity 12 is this phone center number listed above and also a P. O. Box 2635 Riverton, Utah 85065. [snip], however, gave an address for Purity 12 at P. O. Box 2003 Riverton, Utah 84065. Also, [snip] mentioned Panalabs which I believe is associated with the Acai pills. Both [snip] seemed to have knowledge of Acai Berry a related product that apparently was talked about on OPRAH which is how it seemed a lot of people have heard about this. While they both said they do not and have never been associated with Advanced Wellness Research, they both said they have other products they sell which included other Acai products and also skin products, etc.

Here's my advice after this experience of constant run around - Don't ever give out your credit cards number. You lose control and it's very difficult for to get scam artists to stop charging your cards. Scams are all over and they can hire companies that play into the pyramid and try to keep you going. This company which professes to not be a scam then offered to give me a refund of an additional month if I did not publish this. They ultimately said I would get that credit regardless of publishing or not. Fallon who stated that she is "the highest person I could talk to in her office" which implies there are others she is fronting for.

Also, they offered to lower the price of my shipments if I stayed on it. These are all indicators to me of places to stay away from. The combination of fine print, call centers, sweatshop marketing and employment, products that don't have any reasonable science, etc. are all indicators of scams waiting to be shut down. Also, corporate locations like Post Office boxes as corporate headquarters, call center operators with first names and extension numbers who cannot give out their city, address, last name etc. for "security reasons." Now, beforehand, if you order anything online watch how long the product takes to come in. If it takes more than a few days, start questioning it. Also, there should be no lag time reaching and cancelling "special offers." Until the government shuts these places down, we have to be vigilant. I am pretty confident the parents of these workers and owners of scam sites and call centers would be very disappointed in their children's choice of work...unless they were brought up by people of the same ilk and this is really just a genetic gene pool defect.

Thankfully, Darwin always wins out and these people live in barren deserts with their brethren. I had to give one jibe. The main thing, "Buyer beware." Bad people without ethics, integrity and a sense of right and wrong abound and they are at the other end of the phone (and not reachable in any other way.)
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Posted by tinydancer89 on 2009-07-16:
first mistake- giving out your credit card number without researching the company first. millions of people fall for these "scams" due to sheer ignorance or laziness. would you give your credit card number to the guy on the street who sells oranges from a cart? i assume not. it would probably be a good idea to get the numbers changed as you have no way of knowing how long they will hang on to your information, or who they will sell it to.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-16:
Frankly, I'm surprised they cared whether you published your complaint or not as there are 100's of complaints just like it online and yet people still continue to order this product and get taken in by them....

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