Marina Dodge Complaint - Bait & Switch - New car purchase

Review by Gumby106 on 2009-07-16
WEBSTER, NEW YORK -- I had no car and was shopping around for a new car, my credit score was low and I had repossesion.

I went to Marina and test drove a 2009 Lancer on Saturday, I was asked for a deposit and gave them 80.00 cash. I then gave them all of my financial info and they ask me for a 3100.00 down payment so that they can get this loan in my name, so I write the check.

A week later, I was then told I would need a cosigner to which my husband agreed.

Another week passes and still no deal, finally they called me on the next Saturday and said "bring your husband and come in Monday at 10:30 to pick up your car", so we went to pick up my new car.

The paperwork wasn't ready so I wait about 1-1 1/2 hours, salesman comes up to me and says "while we wait to get the paperwork ready lets go down to service and look at your car" What a surprize there sat a silver DODGE CALIBER and they were putting MY plates on it!!!! I told the salesman I didn't want it, I want the lancer that I test drove.

He said that this is the car that they could finance for me. Talk about MAD!!!! I left the dealership they then call me to come and drive a Galant and offer it to me for 570.00 per month. NO I WANT THE LANCER!!!!!

Ok now they call me and I can have the lancer, however they have financed it in my husbands name and used me as cosigner! My husband says NO!

I turn in my rental car after 26 days, so now I have no transportation.

They call me yesterday and ask what they have to do to get my husbands signature on the loan and deliver the car, I told them that "I didn't know, if the deal had been made in my name it would have been signed weeks ago". They offer my husband a 500.00 dollar American Express gift card and they will come to my house for the signature. My husband said NO, so they call back and offer him 1000.00 American express gift card if he'll sign. He said no!! He's had enough of their games. The sales manager called back and said that "he had called in a favor to get the financing and because we didn't take it he felt it was a slap in his face and he still had my 3100.00 down payment check was going to hold my down payment until my husband decided to buy a car from them.

I didn't transfer the 3100.00 until I was sure the deal was going to go through.

Today they call me and tell me that "the 3100.00 down payment check was no good, they had gone to the bank to cash it and so now they are going to prosecute my husband for a felony because they couldn't cash the check"! We still have signed nothing and they haven't even seen or talked to my husband.

I told them if we had a deal the check would be good.

This guy then says that it is a NYS law that they can keep my downpayment because they had gotten financing.

I have contacted my lawyer, however please beware they lie, cheat and then try to steal the money for the down payments!!!!!

They started this whole thing with a BAIT & SWITCH!!!!!!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-16:
I bet the gift card ploy was to get his signature so they could create forged paperwork. It is a good thing that he said no.

They have no right to keep your deposit under any circumstances, this is clear-cut bait and switch no doubt about it.

Since they have threatened to file charges against you (which obviously they have no right to do), I suggest filing a police report so their fraudulent tactic is in the record and so their claims have no standing.

I also recommend suing them in small claims court for your deposit back, plus statutory interest.
Posted by Gumby106 on 2009-07-17:
I have contacted my lawyer and he will take it from here.

This was a nightmare!
Posted by goduke on 2009-07-17:
Lots of these "we finance here" companies operate like this -- ask you to come in and pick out a car, but the end of the day, they'll tell you what car they want to give you.

You'll likely want to stop payment on the check, so that there's no risk that they'll try to run it through in the future.

Likely, your lawyer will send them a cease and desist letter, which may stop the calls. Good luck.
Posted by Gumby106 on 2009-07-17:
I have stopped payment on the check and are looking at paying cash for a cheap used car until all of this is settled.

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