Mobile Device Protection Association Complaint - These guys are a fraud

Review by mike651 on 2009-07-17
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I have 3 phones I purchased through ACN the insurance coverage was offered at a 1 time cost of 50 with no deductible. My phone was stolen and they have denied the claim stating phone was unattended. I have read several reviews where they have done similar. I believe they have some one at a desk denying every claim that comes up. Obviously for a phone to be stolen some one had to have the opportunity to take it. To say it was stolen because it was unattended is a pretty big blanket excuse for not covering the phones, They can use this on every single person who ever losses a phone. My phone was stolen and being used until I canceled it.

I am filling a claim with small claims court against them. This organization should not be allowed to operate they are a fraud and extortionists please never do business with them as they will not honor the contracts and are steeling peoples money.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-17:
Was it unattended?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-17:
If you were robbed then they would cover the loss. But if you left it somewhere then it's not covered. Their policy is very clear on the subject.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-17:
Actually if you were robbed and the robber forced you to give the phone to him, they would claim it was a voluntary handover and wouldn't pay. They look for any way out to avoid paying.
Posted by mike651 on 2009-07-17:
I mentioned the last time I remember it was when I had it at KFC. I don't know where it actually was taken from but I remember where I had it last. Could have happened anywhere between were I rememeber having it and when I noticed it missing. Regardless it was stolen
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-17:
These people use any excuse to get out of a claim..

Small claims is a good idea..keep us posted, please. Nice review.
Posted by Lisa on 2013-06-12:
I am currently experiencing the same thing with Mobile Device Protection. They are classifying my phone loss as "negligent." If I have the phone with me at all times or secured in my home or car how can that be considered negligent? Check out all the complaints on the BBB for Florida. I am reporting this company to the Florida Attorney General's office and encourage anyone else who has been scammed by this company to do the same.

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