Quaker Sales Complaint - Road construction company not taking responsibility

Review by rippedoff101 on 2009-07-25
On the night of June 2nd of this year I was on my way home from work and ran into a construction site going on at the bottom of the hill of Theatre Drive going to UPJ. It was at down from the intersection below going to Rt. 56 going into the direction of Windber. It was night time and there was only one person directing traffic. He only had a wand directing traffic and I went into the area where he directed me. As I went where he directed me to go, I ended up going to where the medium strip started further down the road. When I noticed that he directed me in the wrong area, I swerved my vehicle and caught the very tip of the median strip. I didn't think any damage was done to my vehicle until I continued down the street and my oil light came on and as I continued, I started to lose power in my vehicle. Where I was at, I did not have a place to pull over. I called the construction site up the next day and told them what happened. At first, they seemed to be very sympathetic and said they would turn it over to their insurance company because they could see how such an accident could happen because there was no lighting there and only one person directing traffic. When they turned it over to their insurance company, the woman at the company claimed to do an investigation and claimed to have found a witness from the construction crew that saw the accident. He claimed that I ran up on the median strip and rode down it. Now, anyone with any common sense knows that if I would have gone on top of the strip, my vehicle would have gotten hung up on it and I would not have been able to go anywhere. Those median strips are at least a foot high and there is no way that I could have ridden down the strip. They denied my claim. I drive a little Dodge Shadow. I just put $400 into that car the week before and that car was in immaculate condition. The damages are what looks like a ripped oil pan because that is what got scraped when I caught the corner of the median. It would be nice if this construction company would take the responsibility for what they had caused. The gentleman that I initially talked to more or less told me that he understood how it happened and felt that the lighting and the lack of directions that they gave me were the cause of this accident, but they do not want to get it repaired. Apparently, a week later there was another similar accident that happened because when they first filed the claim, they got my accident mixed up with the accident of the following week. I am still without my car and I am going to file a suit against them for negligence.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2009-07-25
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-25:
this would be hard to prove maybe. have you inspected the damage to the oil pan as well as to the median to match up damage evidence?
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-25:
I've got to agree with Mad (once again). They may have waved you in this direction, but I doubt they told you to scrape the median. If so then every car would have had an accident.

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