Press 2 Go Complaint - Terrible Dry Cleaners...

Review by starchild10114 on 2009-07-25
GREENBROOK, NEW JERSEY -- I had seen this place for the past few months and decided to give it a try. Well, I just got back my third set of clothing from them and will never go back again! The woman at the front counter (the owner's wife), smiles at you all the time and tries to make small talk, but as soon as there is an issue, her true colors show quickly! First visit was one garment and there was no problem. Second visit, they handed me back several garments but I checked before I took them off the rack and noticed that the pants to my suit were missing. I told the owner and he said, "Oh yeah, we found these way in the back. Sometimes they slip off the hangers as they move around the store on the conveyor belt and we don't know who they belong to." The tag around the top of my hangers was for 3 items, so the fact that he was cheerfully handing me two items and sending me on my way was troublesome. The third time I went in, I was picking up 4 items. The woman put them on the rack and counted out "1, 2, 3, 4," so I picked them up and put them in the back seat of my car. I didn't need them right then so I left them in the backseat until the following morning when I needed them. To my horror, the pants were missing again! I drove right back to the store and the woman said they must have slipped off after I picked them up because she remembered counting out 4 hangers. I said yes, there were 4 hangers, but one of them was empty because the pants were not on them. Then she changed her story and said she counted four items of actual clothing, although 10 seconds before said she remembered counting 4 hangers, and again said they must have slipped off after I left the store. I told her that was impossible because I parked in the spot 6 feet directly in front of her front door and if they had fallen, she or any of her customers coming in or out would have said something about a pair of pants right in front of her door. They are not in the backseat of my car. And I have an attached garage so I just walk through a door from my garage into my house and I would be tripping over them if they were there! She said she would call me next week because she was going over some receipts and was trying to match up other fallen items in their store that they don't know who they belong to so she said maybe mine would show up (finally admitting in a backhanded way that it WAS a possibility that they lost it in their store---and clearly they have a problem with not knowing what belongs to whom because it was going to take her a whole week to go through all the garments she had!). Needless to say, a week went by and she didn't call me. So I called her and she got belligerent and arrogant and actually wouldn't let me talk! She was shouting over me as I tried to offer a compromise! When she finally stopped, I said clearly I know they didn't lose my pants on purpose, because what would that do for them? So I said that I now have to go out and spend $80 for a pair of dress slacks to match my jacket, so if they would agree to simply shorten the slacks for me, free of charge, when I buy them (they normally charge $10 to shorten slacks), I would forget this incident and continue doing business with them, of course, making sure I counted the items myself before ever leaving their store again. She refused! I said just as a customer service issue she should do this, not to mention the thousands of dollars in dry cleaning services I would be paying her over the years to come. She said they worked on too tight of a margin to do it. So I will spend my money from now on at dry cleaners who stand behind their services and treat their customers like customers. (NOTE: I filed a complaint with the BBB, who notified Press 2 Go of my complaint, and waited for a response. When they received no response, the BBB reminded them again, with again no response. Well, that was 2 months ago and Press 2 Go has refused to even respond to the BBB! Apparently, this establishment feels they are accountable to NO ONE, especially not to their customer. What arrogance! Let your dollars do the talking and find a different dry cleaner---there are hundreds of them).
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Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-25:
After the second time, I'd be hard pressed to return. There are just too many cleaners to bother with poor sevice.

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